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Is this a bedbug shed skin

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  1. ij430jf

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    Posted 1 week ago
    Wed Dec 4 2019 19:32:24

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    I recently traveled abroad and I've been getting repeated bites in the same areas of my arms and legs.

    I dried my clothing multiple times and isolated my luggage, but I found this skin on my bed this morning. I can't tell if I've gotten more bites, but I don't want a possible infestation to grow.

    Am I being overly paranoid, or is this a bed bug skin?

  2. Proudmommyto3rottenboys

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    Posted 6 days ago
    Wed Dec 4 2019 22:38:13

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    I cant see it that well but I dont think it is.

  3. BigDummy

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    Posted 6 days ago
    Thu Dec 5 2019 8:38:08

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    Definitely not a bed bug cast skin.

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