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  1. anon003

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    Posted 1 month ago
    Thu Aug 15 2019 13:15:10

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    Right so I've really got a bug phobia and a few months ago I bought cheap new covers and once I put them on I saw a small little bug that looks very similar to a bed bug I'd say but can't identify for sure and I just thought it was a random bug and flushed it. A week later I saw another and did the same. It was only last month-ish I walked into my room and seen a bug next to my pillow that was small like it again. That's what got me searching and paranoid. Although I had actually woke up with rather a woodlice or beetle on my pillow I'm sure and freaked (all before I had the suspicion of bed bugs) I then started researching and didn't notice any big bites or anything but I've got acne and shaving bumps that got me paranoid af but I couldn't confirm if it be bed bug bites most pictures didn't look like the ones I had so I don't particularly think I did.

    I stayed at my mother's house that night (even though you're not supposed to if you have bed bugs I couldn't sleep in my bed) then I gutted out my room the next day: cleaning any mould at the side of my bed and all around it, checking my mattress (under and sides) all around and in any parts they could hide I found nothing but a small bug at the floor next to my bed but it looked like (the one I will show pictures of) and literally steamed everything (under bed on fresh sheets, in and out my covers, the duvet, pillows, around the side of my bed everywhere) and hoovered. I was confident I had cleaned it well but still anxious all night and kept checking until I fell asleep and seen nothing.

    The next morning I lounged about for a bit- checking under my pillows and me ever so often. Then after a while, I re-checked I seen one small dark brown/black bug under my back! I freaked out and took a picture of it for reference. I have some acne on my back in general so I have no clue if any of it was a bite but it according to my mum it didn't appear that way. Since then I've been staying at my mother's house and ordered a high rated (fairly expensive for a student) mattress protector and have not yet put it on but will have to soon. I'm absolutely shitting myself at the idea of sleeping there and having them nom on me at night. It's been a while as well and they could have easily bred to a lot more.

    Only one night I had stayed there during my time away and that's when my family were staying at their caravan and I slept in their room (didn't see anything there either) and the next day I had gotten up very early and my family went into their rooms. It was cold and freezing downstairs so I put a blanket on my bed and watched a movie on top of it while paranoid (I kept checking) gradually as I didn't see anything for a half hour I was cold and rested under the covers and eventually fell asleep. Managed to take an hour nap and felt good after it. However, I was still irrationally scared to sleep there at night or stay in my room all day so went back to my mother's house.

    I've not seen much beetles in my house area but we do have a big garden/ hedges and front garden. I'd usually see a range of different bugs by seasons certain bugs that were there for a period of time but a lot of the time when the season comes again I haven't seen them. Such as moths we had 2 winters ago, I didn't see them last winter. Spiders are common around my area and I think it's recently I've been seeing more wood-lice and beetles so I think that it's that perhaps? I had noticed little wormy creatures near dusty areas which I now know could be baby beetles. I have a rug next to my bed but don't usually see bugs there.

    I noticed my mum had carpet beetles that are black ones and they're on the stairs (omg a nightmare for me) but I seen one that was smaller and clearly developing still and it looked a bit similar to the one I saw as well (perhaps bigger, can't remember exactly) Also haven't seen a single bedbug or possible bites (still acne tho) since staying with my mum even though I've gone and collected clothes/bags/makeup from my house several times.

    ANYWAYS enough with the rant.

    It was like the size of a seed and not as black but still very dark, maybe a dark brown.

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 1 month ago
    Thu Aug 15 2019 16:10:28

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    Definitely not a bed bug.

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