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Is there anything I can do to prevent bed bugs? How likely?

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    Fri Sep 7 2012 13:00:55

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    I just moved into a new apartment in a 1 year old condo high rise. The day before we moved in we got an email from the management explaining that they'd found bed bugs in the building on another floor and that the day we moved in they were going to have a k9 team checking units. They checked our unit before we moved in and it was cleared. We tried to be careful with our stuff moving in, especially not having anything fabric touching the walls of the elevator but of course it's possible we could have picked them up moving in. We've been here for 6 days now and have gotten no bites (my roommate had bed bugs before so she knows she reacts to the bites). I've been checking my mattress and side table and behind pictures hanging over my bed and have seen no signs of bed bugs. We put weather stripping around the door and warned anyone coming over not to touch the sides of the elevators. We never put our stuff down in the common areas (where it's carpeted) and spray the soles of our shoes with alcohol when we get home. I've left all my outdoor clothing and out-of-season clothing in giant ziplock bags on top of my wardrobe... Is there anything else we can do prevention-wise? Is it still very likely that we'll get bed bugs or is it possible we already have them and don't know? Thanks

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