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Is there a way to safely keep my opulemt bedding out during treatment?

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  1. HecatesMisery

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Sun May 13 2018 16:17:23

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    Sadly, my safe space is (or, well, was) my bed. I have spent, over the years, several thousands of dollars on bedding and decor. Here's what my bed looked like before yesterday, when I thought i saw a bed bug, but failed to catch it:

    The mattresses, and all the bedding, were enclosed completely in a pop-up tent known as a "privacy pop" (Google has images if you've never seen one) and the inner walls of the tent were hung with curtains, tapestries and string lights. There were about a dozen blankets and throw pillows. Basically, lots of places for a bed bug to hide.

    Now, it's completely bare except for the mattress (which was encased last year. I inspected it for holes and found none.) And the climb-up interceptors under each leg of the bed. All my precious bedding and all the tapestries and even the lights are either double-bagged in garbage bags or baking in the Zappbug.

    I really feel like I can't bear to just put them in spacebags for 3-6 months and spend my whole summer bereft of my sanctuary. If I absolutely must, of course, I will, but I'm wondering if there might be a way around it. Maybe I can effectively treat the bedbugs without sacrificing my aesthetic, expensive bedding. Can you tell I've reached the "bargaining" stage? Of course, if I found a bedbug and captured and IDed it, I'd have to pack all my bedding up and put it back in spacebags temporarily on the days the PCO came to spray.

    The bed and canopy are already six inches or so away from the walls. Supposing I put double-sided clear duct tape above the baseboards to keep them from climbing up. Or what if I cimexa-ed the inside of the canopy tent? Is there some way I can keep my bedding out, and keep it safe too?

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  2. Bugsareicky

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Mon May 14 2018 21:16:10

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    You can keep bedding out if you wish, you'll just have to keep washing and drying it on hot every couple of days. I'd probably treat and pack up some of it to save yourself some work though. (I'd pack up the most expensive stuff, you don't want to be washing and drying that every couple days, it will be ruined) Do not Cimexa your tent. It'll throw dust into the air when you move around at night, which can damage your lungs, nose, eyes, skin... it's super irritating. Many people put bedding away because it gives the bugs a place to hide, and they want to see any that are in the bed. If you prefer to have it, there's really no problem with that.

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