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Is my dog next?

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  1. BBsonme

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Sun Jul 12 2009 17:49:28

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    I'm hoping Doug Summer, or some of you who have been through this ordeal might have an answer to this. I've searched through the different feeds but haven't found anything that specifically speaks on this. I often stay with my boyfriend at nights and poor nala is left home alone on guard duty. Is she also be buffetted out while I'm gone? How can I stop this? Also, the bugs have stopped biting me when I'm at home because of precautionary measures I take before going to bed...shower, vaseline on face and arms, etc., but I'm wondering if there still feeding and if so, how to stop it without bathing her every day. Will a standard flea collar stop them from feasting? Also she sleeps in her own room. Does this create a situation where the bugs will migrate from my bedroom in search of her? Oh jees, is that the real reason they stopped biting, they found a more permanent meal?

  2. DougSummersMS

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Mon Jul 13 2009 9:13:42

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    Proper application of Frontline may help, but it is still possible that your dog could become an alternate host..... if human hosts are unavailable in the environment for the bugs to feed on .

    Bed bugs prefer human hosts, but will seek out other mammals and birds as a meal source in some cases.

    Be careful about the dose & the frequency for Frontline..... Follow directions from your vet closely .... Overdosing on Fipronil could be much worse than being bitten.

    Another product that can be used on pets is cedar oil spray.... Cedarcide is labeled for bed bugs, fleas & ticks..... They produce human & veterinary formulations that can be used directly on the pet, on pet bedding & the surrounding environment.....

    Cedar oil works as a contact killer with little residual effect.... It can be added to a regular dog shampoo or sprayed directly on skin & fur.... The website tends to oversells it, but I use cedar oil as part of my flea & mosquito control program with reasonable success....

    You can try to isolate your dogs bedding the same way humans do it ..... There is a metal framed cot like dog bed available with legs that can be isolated easily with Climb Up Interceptors or metal bowls to provide a safe sleeping space for your pup.

    Throw any pet bedding into a clothes dryer to provide a thermal treatment that will kill bed bugs or fleas & their eggs.

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