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Is it possible to have bed bug bites disappear after only 1 day?

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  1. Redtape

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Sun Jul 8 2012 2:23:11

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    Ok, before you answer the question, plz read:
    I've been getting these random bites, but they don't really look like bed bug bites to me (at least from my experience). Bed bug bites on me are usually pretty big and target looking, with dark pink covering the majority of it.
    The bites I've been getting are smaller, almost pimple like in appearance. They aren't bright or dark pink, but a real dull and light punk color. They itch but do not itch super bad. Usually by the end of the day they start to get less itchy and start to flatten out and by the next day they disappear.
    Could these be bed bug bites, or other bug bites?
    When I had bed bug bites, they would usually last for a few days and would itch pretty bad for a while, but these are almost like the complete opposite. Are these bed bug bites or no?

  2. AshamedandScratching

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Sun Jul 8 2012 8:25:44

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    Please read the sticky on bites.

    Here's my experience:

    After I had bed bugs, I react much more strongly to every allergen. Mosquito bites erupted huge, old bites popped up for months. My skins reactions were reliable before this, but after it I started to agree with the folks here. The only piece of information to be gleaned from a bite is that something bit you that your system reacted to. Unfortunately, it doesn't provide any more information after that.

  3. Scritch

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Sun Jul 8 2012 13:31:32

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    The only ones I got that seemed to calm down and go away rather quickly were the bites I got on my knuckles. I assume it's because the bug couldn't get much blood out of there.

    I also found I had different reactions on different body parts. I'd get huge 4-inch hives on my upper arms (because of more fat?) and more of what I assume are the standard bites, often three in a row or a cluster of them.

    It took most of them a long time to stop itching, especially on my calves and behind my knees. They'll still act up once in a while.

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