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Is it lice or bed bugs?

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  1. Finn Bjerke

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Sun Nov 4 2018 13:12:37

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    I have bites on neck and feet after sleep, small red dots so I panicked. I hope I can get some help here.

    I now sleep in a sleeping bag on a metal bed using madras I have steamed and stripped. Tape on bedlegs and traps on the floor under bedlegs. No bites now. I have two dogs. Apart from that I live alone. I live in a terraced house, neighbours to both sides.

    I hope I can be rational and win this war. So far I dont know what I fighting against. So far I have done this in order to ID what is biting me:

    Diagnose: Is it bedbugs biting me?
    1. Made CO2 traps Im not sure what I have found i Bedbugs, Im pretty sure I have found one lice. Looks like this: -->

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    I have found some insects here and there but they dont look like BB to me, maybe the photos should be better:

    How do I find out if its bedbugs or something else ? I understand Lice on humans and dogs are different breeds, I could get lice from work I guess (social worker)

    Help greatly appreciated.

    Phase 2:
    I have steamed the walls, the floor, the bed. The closet in the room.

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