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Invisible until proven Alive! I can't find anything, help is needed!

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    First off I'd like to say, I'm new to this, yes!
    Second, the "related topics" section on this is quite amazing!

    Okay, now down to buginess!

    Let me start by saying - We live in a basement apartment(a house separated into appartments)!! PLUS - it's about the oldest building in the town. And our bed (The apartment being bachelor, we have a bed on the floor) Yes, I know, says it all. But that just makes it all the more difficult to figure this out! We (Me and my Fiance) have gotten bitten for, I want to say, a month or two now. Now, it isn't allot, I want to say.. Maybe two times a week, 4 at most, if even. It's not even gradual. Just random.

    ME > At first, when I had gotten bitten, it swelled out and sometimes fanned out (one came out to look like the number "3", but backwards when it swelled) this happened for about 4 swells(Not in a row, days and days apart). Then later on(And only this now), when I had gotten bitten, it was ONLY like little pimples almost. Not itchy. up my front arm. There are only 2 spots that are -in a row-, BUT, I don't believe they came at the same time except for one row. All the others are just thrown around. Then it stopped for awhile, a week.
    Recently, about 2 days ago, my fingers gotten itchy, there are little bumps, and I mean liitttllee. All 2 or 1, not three. And on my wrist, a cluster (Too tiny to be bedbugs, being so close together, and more than 3) appeared, like hives almost.
    Never on my back, nor my feet, legs (2 on my legs but those were the swelled ones, and honestly, they looked like two fangs >.>) none on my chest either.

    My Fiance > Okay, he gets bit, 3 on his back so far. They swell more than mine on my arm. 3 on his arm. 2 or 3 on his foot. one on his leg, I think. Now, this is within like more than a month keep in mind. He's just going insane, he's more panicked than I am. And very itchy

    OKAY, NOW! - Sorry for the long post so far, and in advance.

    So, it started off, we finding stupid beetles upside down on the floor allot. 3 different beetles, all "Common" beetlesalong with other random bugs, some we never seen and identified, some just annoying passerbys. we start getting bit later. Waking up with bites. We think it's spiders, or maybe the occasional mosquito from taking walks outside. More bites along the weeks. We feel like we're getting bit during the day by invisible bugs, AND, I don't know if it's because our minds are going insane, but it feels we get bumps during the DAY. Like in the middle of nowhere starts to itch, but no signs of bugs! We asked one of his family members because she had bedbugs before. She said they don't look like BB bites to her. So few.

    So we think it's Mites - There's mice in this bloody barn outside and cats around the neighborhood that have no homes. So we thought they hopped in here. So then we find out the app next door, he has a leak in his house and water is running down the road. People come in our apartment to turn water off (There's a hole in the wall under the cabinet). Rip the guys floor out 'cause it's water damaged and the leak is in there. (I don't remember if the bites happened after that, or before.) So we think about that and keep that in mind that maybe it stirred something vicious.

    THEN, (Also I don't remember if this was before or after the bites, maybe before) People move in upstairs. Loud people they are, with the kids bouncing around like old super balls. We were thinking later on that THEY have stirred something.

    We turned this place upside down, literally, and to Mars and back. Checked everything. With super bright lights, magnifying glasses. Everywhere. Nothing. Then at one point we find a cockroach (Or think we do.) Maybe that's biting us? But only one? Killed it. But still getting bit. checked everywhere AGAIN. Nothing.

    So, one day(Day being the keyword), around 11AM, I'm home alone, I go into the bathroom, BATHROOM! And I look at the wall - Bed Bug. squished, put in a baggie. In the bathroom, in the day time, out on the wall in plain site. It's flat, hasn't eaten lately, no blood came out. Looked online, people are saying it's coming from an adjoined apartment. But I'm not sure. So we re-turn everything and looked everywhere. We have white sheets, so we'd see anything, but haven't. The only place we haven't looked is behind the switches of the walls (Only checked bathroom ones) So we call the Landlord. She said there were BB's in the upstairs Apartment long time ago and they claim to have done something about it. I even have woken up at 4am numerous times and have checked everywhere we can. We also move our bed in the day off the floor because we need to walk around, so I know they must be elsewhere. This place is small though so looking isn't too difficult. The couch is next to the bed at night so we checked there so many times that I can probably tell you how many stiches are on the thing. We even checked inside our PC's (They are next to us at night as well) I mean, the only thing we haven't checked besides the wall plugs, is the inside of the TV. Everything's off the floor, everything's in bags. I've seen so many different bugs that I don't know what to think anymore.

    We can't bring the bug to the landlords till Monday. And even then I don't know If they will really do anything. They didn't seem too alarmed. Like they wouldn't believe us. We've sent a picture of the cockroach to the bug guy that our landlord uses, but even he hasn't gotten back to us in weeks.

    I guess my question is - Even though we cannot seem to find any bugs (Had 4 of us looking at one point in time) and no evidence in the past 2 months besides one odd non-fed Bbug in the bathroom, does this sound like some similar odd behavior of a bed bug? Do they come FROM adjoined apartments and feed, and go back? Should we be getting sprayed in here even if there are no evidence/no exterminator can find anything in THIS apartment? If we found one in our bathroom, and it did in fact come from upstairs or next-door, does that mean they are completely infested? And, do they come from bathroom vents in the ceiling, even if they are on all day? Would they come from the bathroom, bite, and go back? And do they come from cracks in the wall, bite, then go back in cracks? I can't think of any other possibility. But I'd like all the info on them that I can think of before we get into this whole ordeal! Not that I haven't looked on this site for days learning anyway.

    Thank you in advance<3

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