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Invisible Infestation

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Thu Jul 22 2010 4:53:49

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    Long story short, LL sabotaged us into being evicted and we've been in a new apartment since June 1st of this year. I've noticed three starved bed bugs in that time.

    Just today I found three breakfast-lunch-dinner bites on myself, plus one on my heel, one on my pinky finger.

    I tore my entire room apart, shone flashlights in every crevice etcetc. I found nothing. Nadda. So, since I cannot even PROVE there are bed bugs here, I've decided to go the route I went before: I've contacted Public Health and will explain my situation since my mother is likely to out and say "we had them before!", there's no reason I should just pretend I don't know what's biting me and such.

    I figure Public Health should be able to best advise me what to do, and hopefully this doesn't turn into a legal matter. Any advice for the meantime to try and lure them out? I can't just have five bites to go on, the PCO would likely laugh in my face.

    I've got a friend loaning me money to buy plastic bins and then I'll do the laundry-into-Ziplocs thing all over again and hope and hope and hope and pray because this is at quite an awful time in my life for this to have resurfaced.

    I really do want to thank NoBugs for this forum and helping all of us with this issue have a place to go to for help. Especially everyone who's apart of this forum and helped me along this horrific thing :3 I'm shite at saying thank you but, I hope everyone knows how appreciative I am.

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