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Invisible Crawling all day, itching, few bites, What is it?

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  1. CursedAngel

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Fri Sep 30 2016 11:15:48

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    Hello all, this last month has been so eventful for me that I feel as if its not wrong for me to have more then one bug.. I may be wrong though! About 2 weeks ago, I started to get bites around my ankle, and one on my left ankle,, the bites were very small and itchy ( about 3-4 bites) I actually didnt think much of it until I started to itch and notice that I had a few bites near the back of my knee on my right leg... the night where gears started to turn in my head(3nights after noticing), I researched online and read stories and solutions for bed bugs, fleas, etc, I searched around my bed for bed bugs and discovered behind the bedboard against the wall, Carpet beatle larva, both dried and new. I left it be and was relieved that I didnt have bed bugs... The next day I had an exterminator come to check the room for bedbugs, He looked over the bed, bedboard, boxspring(whatever it is you call it). I told him about the beatles and he said I def have them, there was a bunch of stuff under my bed that he told me to clean for a spraying that I green light'd for the next day. That night I took the mattress and boxspring out of the room and put all of the junk from under the bed in boxes and put it in my garage, after looking at my walls, ceiling, and crevace between the wall and the carpet, I must have collected 13 larva and an actual dead beatle. The exterminator came and he sprayed, that night I put the bed back and put all of the newly washed sheets on etc I sleep, no signs of biting/ itching. The next day I put on my jeans which I wash once every week and a half and I feel a crawling sensation in various places and various times

    what I havent mentioned was that before I discovered the beatle larva and beatle, I found about 7 Blue Jay feathers while walking in allaire state park, and placed them on a shelf on my desk.

    The crawling feeling continues, but not severe, every once in a while I'll itch, but mostly my feet itch, especially while wearing socks. I wasnt thinking bird mites until After I collected 5 huge feathers from a hike at allaire a week later(which I picked up using a plastic bag) I ended up l[b]eaving the bag of feathers in my car, I after still feeling the crawling sensation during the day, but more prevelant at night reasearched more and think I have a mite or some sort, I took the feathers out of my room and disposed of them, but after wearing clothes that have been in my room, I now almost always feel as if I have bugs crawling on me , I've been sleeping in my bed and now discover a bite or two every morning, not sure if that is connected to the crawling feeling or Im dealing with two different bugs.. It seems to have gotten worse over time... Im cleaning out my car tomorrow because I remembered how I left the bag of feathers in it, and I've realized that just sittinf in my car, I feel biting and crawling sensations more then just walking down the street..

    I keep going back and forth with it being mites or bed bugs, two nights ago I found a small cream/ white colored bug crawling beneath my pillow, I took a piece of tape to save it, but now looking at the tape, he seems way smaller then when I first saw him under the pillow he resembled book lice kinda, but could it be a nymph? Are they really that tiny, also last night I stayed in the city, I changed into clothes that I packed to go to a party and started feeling crawling sensations after all day from not feeling them as much, it started really acting up to the point where I felt like I was getting bit(around 11:00-3AM).......UGHHHHH just writing all this is frustrating, Im the most mellow easy going relaxed guy you would ever meet, but this whole fiasco has brought me nightmares and paranoia which I never expierenced before... CAN SOMEONE CONFIRM ANYTHING ?! Is this all because of the carpet beatle hairs? Do I have bird mites? I've literrally read almost everything on the web, and the exterminator denies my 3 bites on my ankle of bed bugs(which havent gone away, and occasionally itch) but I feel like I have them... This all has only been happening for about 2 and a half weeks...
    Someone anyone help.. I'll send you and your family greatness <3

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Fri Sep 30 2016 12:35:53

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    Fleas typically bite legs and ankles/feet, so try a flea trap to make sure you don't have fleas:

    It sounds like mites are a possibility. There's a lot of garbage on the internet about them. They're small but not invisible so look for signs. If you think you see something, pick it up on sticky tape.

    Post an image of the suspected bed bug nymph here for ID. (The How to use the forums post I sent you to before has instructions on posting a photo also.)

    Some people seem to react to carpet beetle hairs. It's possible. Has the problem improved since the PCO treated for carpet beetles?

    Did you carefully inspect the feathers once you realised the problem?

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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