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Introducing myself and drop cloth question

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  1. n0bl3h0b0

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Tue Feb 18 2014 3:54:19

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    Hi all, I've been lurking this website for quite some time in hopes that this problem would never get so bad that I'd need to join this community....well here I am. Hello!

    I've been fighting these little blood suckers for about a year now. ...The problem is that I live with an alcoholic roommate that isn't having an allergic reaction to the bugs....I, on the other hand, itch for days from a single bite. Since he isn't being affected he totally refuses to help in the battle against these bugs. Did I mention that we live in a studio and I sleep on a couch....I've steam treated the couch several times, used makeshift interceptors trying both DE and a soapy water solution in the containers...always taping the legs with double sided tape but they still manage to get to me....A LOT OF THEM...I sleep on an old couch with a lot of folds and deep guess is that the steam treatments can't reach inside of this couch deep enough to kill them....I've given up on steaming....

    So my question is, can anyone tell me for sure whether bed bugs can climb up plastic? Plastic Drop Clothes in particular, like say, something a painter might I don't want to trap them inside entirely, my plan is to use C02 traps at both ends of the couch, drape the plastic drop cloth over the entire couch until it almost touches the ground and hopefully the bugs won't be able to climb the plastic and they'll pursue the C02 trap where they will find their final resting place. Now I've already come to the conclusion that without the cooperation of my drunken roommate, who refuses to even wash his sheets, these bugs will never go away. My eventual plan is to move out but I'm not in a position to do that yet. I'm just trying to lower the population enough so that I'm getting the least amount of bites as possible over the next couple of months until I have to throw away all my belongings and move into a clean apartment.


    Sorry for the long post, my general question is can bed bugs climb a garbage bag type material? If they'll still be able to get to me there's no point, my hopes are that if I drape the couch in plastic they won't be able to get to me and will eventually find their way to the C02 traps. Can this work well enough to find some peace until my move?

    Thank you guys, I know we're all in the same bed here (excuse the bad pun)

  2. bed-bugscouk

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Tue Feb 18 2014 5:48:57

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    Although there are numerous claims of drop clothes and CO2 working online it's not something I have seen working and the approach works against the current thoughts on bedbug behavior.

    You would be better off reading the FAQs and finding a way to get the roommate to comply with a sensible treatment program. This is mainly because incomplete treatments are rarely effective.

    Hope that helps.

    David Cain
    Bed Bugs Limited

    I am happy to answer questions in public but will not reply to message sent directly or via my company / social media. I am here to help everyone and not just one case at a time.

    In accordance with the AUP and FTC I openly disclose my vested interest in Passive Monitors as the inventor and patent holder. Since 2009 they have become an integral part in how we resolve bed bug infestations. I also have a professional relationship with PackTite in that they distribute my product under their own branding. I do not however receive any financial remuneration for any comments I make about pro
  3. P Bello

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Tue Feb 18 2014 9:56:17

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    Dear n0bl3,

    Some comments for your review and consideration:

    > It seems you're aware that as long as your roommate doesn't cooperate that you're going to have bed bug problems long term.

    > Yes, there are different techniques that you can use to help prevent bites from occurring however, many of these techniques will need to be repeated or maintained because, from the information in your post, it is likely that you will continue to have bed bugs due to your roommate situation.

    Some of these methodologies include:

    > Treatment of your couch. You will need to be thorough to assure that you kill ALL the bed bugs on your couch. Steam works well but you're likely limited in your kill to less than 100% because of the construction of your couch and accessibility related issues.

    > To address treatment accessibility issues consider:
    * Use of a bed bug proof sofa encasement.
    * Wrapping your sofa in a plastic tarp for treatment with a pest strip within the sealed wrapping. To do so you will need to assure that the wrapped enclosure is sealed.

    > Continued use of blocker devices on and/or under the legs.

    > Treatment of your roommate's bed as well to help reduce the number of the population present.

    > Treatment of the entire apartment.

    Overall it's sad that you cannot get cooperation from your roommate but, since only you are being adversely affected and he's not, you have much more incentive to eliminate the bed bugs and why should he lift a finger to help when you're going to do it anyway???

    As such, perhaps part of your long term strategy should include finding another roommate and a better place to live.

    In short, there are many successful techniques which people use to save themselves from bed bug bites which you can utilize.

    Keep us posted and good luck !

    Hope this helps ! paul b.

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