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Interim success story (Round 2)

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    I would like to share an update to my bedbug battle. I don't think I could qualify this as a "full" success story, but I am hopeful.

    - I discovered a bedbug in my apartment in mid-July:

    - I went for structural heat treatment and was bug free for over 60 days:

    - I discovered another bedbug in the apartment around mid-October:

    - The second infestation was much worse, as I found bedbugs in odd places: bathtub, bathroom counter, bathroom sink and living room. I knew that these bedbugs were coming from another unit; however, I was advised that only my unit had bedbugs. I decided to move because if other units were not treated, treatment done in my unit would only be temporary.

    The move
    - I decluttered as much as possible and I used my Packtite Closet to treat my stuff, putting clean stuff into Ziploc and garbage bags

    - I hired a company that heat treated my stuff during the move. I loaded everything into their truck, and my stuff got heated for three hours

    - As I unpacked in my new place, I visually checked to ensure that there were no hitchhikers

    Interim success
    - It has been two weeks since the move, and I have not seen any signs of bedbugs or bites

    - I will report back in the future

    As an aside, recently, I was informed that the source of bedbugs in the apartment was finally located several floors below mine. According to the exterminator who treated this unit, there were "thousands" of bedbugs there. This unit had four chemical treatments and appeared to be under control for now.

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