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Infested carpets and canned air

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  1. uglybug

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Sun Jul 20 2008 23:14:08

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    I wish I would have taken a picture to post, but, I noticed awhile back before I had any inkling what bed bugs were that my carpets have reddish brown spots... I thought it was funny that they are in spots like under the bed and in corners. I asked myself how could that have happened. If indeed these are from bed bugs and they are living in the carpet, will using a Hoover Steam Vac help kill bugs/eggs. The steamvac has a deepscrubbing cleanser you put in the machine. I find it awfully coincidental that whenever I sit on the bedroom carpet I get itchy bumps on my feet. Will a PCO be able to tell if this is from dirt or bed bugs? They aren't like streaks or little dots, but splotches. It is brown carpet. I really will try to get a pic up.

    Also, has anyone figured out if the "Canned air" or computer cleaner spray works on killing eggs/bugs on electronics. I know someone who got frost bite on her hand and go to the hospital.. I'm thinking it may not be cold enough.

  2. Steverangercarl

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    Posted 8 months ago
    Sun Jan 21 2018 14:31:03

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    I also need to know if this vacuum would work

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