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Infant Car Seat Infested - Is the car infested, too?!

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  1. BuggedinLA

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Fri Dec 14 2012 13:30:47

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    I've never seen a live bug but we've had all the signs. I've had no sleep for 3 days and I'm exhausted. We had our chemical treatment yesterday. I decided to do one final go round of cleaning before my heat treatment. I was perplexed as to what to do with my son's car seat. We cart that thing from our house to day care, to my parents house, to my sister's house...basically everywhere. I was exhausted and since my son hadn't recieved any bites I figured that I didn't have to do a thorough cleaning of the car seat. My better judgement kicked in and as I pulled back the fabric from the plastic backing I saw white eggs everywhere and an adult bed bug looking back at me. I screamed and my husband decided to toss the entire thing in the garbage! I promptly sprayed bed bug killer around the area.

    We have our heat treatment today! I shudder to think what would have happened if I had not checked the car seat and I kept transferring it around to everyone's homes. We would've been reinfested after all of the cleaning, extermination bills, and sleepless nights! I can see how easy it is to get reinfested...cleanup and treatment is so time consuming and exhausting that you start to overlook things and hope for the best!!! OMG! I am so worried that I have infested other people via the car seat.

    I'm worried that the car is also infested. Is vacumming the car and spraying the area with Bed Bug Killer sufficient. If we close the windows and leave it outside on a hot day will it kill everything?! Help!

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