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I'm starting to freak out, is this a BB bite or im just that paranoid?

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  1. romatelep2010

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Wed May 23 2018 17:14:30

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    Hello there!

    I'm starting to freak out. We first had contact with BB's in 2016 October. I started to have really itchy and red bites and a reaction after 12 hours. Soon after my reaction time almost changed to instant after i got bitten and the bites stayed the same (burning sensation, always itching, itched for 1,5 weeks and the bite could be seen months after). After we got an exterminator, who told us that it was a minor infestation all went quiet for 6 months. Then 1 day I just woke up with a huge red bite, which also itched crazy and had a huge red circle around the bite. We then faced BB's for 3 months almost, which got me a bit paranoid and afraid of having BB's again. After the second infestation got wiped out(or at least i thought so/think so), but 2 days ago i just had a random itchy feeling on my arm, and i started to itch it. It was swollen for like half an hour and then the feeling went away, and it started to hurt like a pimple since then and no itch(I have also got some bite like reactions on cuts by knife). Could my bite reaction change this much? I have a really sensitive skin (I'm really pale and have acne all over my body, especially my back and shoulders. I also got bitten by a mosqutio a week prior to this, which i saw suck my blood and it only itched a bit and also had a 1 day delayed reaction to it). Am i just freaking out for no reason at all? Sorry for my english, It's not my native language.

    Pictures of bite reactions in order(3rd might not be one) :

  2. bugged-cdn

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Thu May 24 2018 17:20:35

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    Unfortunately nobody can tell you what bit you, assuming they are bites. Exterminators, dermatologists, etc, no one can say what it was.

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