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I'm pretty sure I have bed bugs but I can't find where they hide!

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  1. esile

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Tue Jul 26 2016 12:30:33

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    I had a friend of nearly two years who had failed to let me know she had bed bugs until I had spent the night at her house hundreds of times. Back in February over Winter break I spent nearly a week at her house and I noticed bugs crawling on the couch I slept on and that I was getting bitten. I freaked out and they told me they were bed bugs. Back then I didn't know much about bed bugs and didn't think anything of it, so I continued staying the night at her house. School started back up and I didn't hang out with her as much, and things returned to normal. We continued hanging out periodically up until late April or early May, that's when I started noticing that I was getting itchy welts again, but this time they looked a bit different so I ignored it. They seemed to stop or slow down for a month or so, then these itchy welts made a comeback again in June, except they seemed to worsen. Then one day in late June, I woke up to find what looked to be a bed bug nymph crawling on my pillow. Without thinking I threw the bug out the window instead of saving it in a ziplock bag, then I did some research and came to the conclusion that what I had seen fit the description. Then I examined my bed and found two more bed bugs in the lining of my comforter, but stupid me threw them out the window too. I immediately called my mother and she told me to take everything off of my bed and put it garbage bags, and to clean my room top to bottom. I did that without really examining everything and then convinced my mom to let me throw out my bed. My mom bought me ecofriendly bed bug spray and told me to spray everywhere and vacuum really well. I did just that but it seemed I continued to get bitten, and then I found another bed bug nymph crawling on the floor and actually put it in a ziplock to show my mom, and we then bought heavy duty bed bug killer and bombed my room, but I still kept getting bitten. Since then I've seen around 3 more, 2 of which I actually found feeding on me. My mom and I have continued to spray my room, but I am still getting bitten. We are super confused because there are absolutely no signs of a bed bug infestation other than the fact I've seen around 7 live bed bugs over the span of the past month, and that it seems I am getting bitten. My mom, my little brother, and my mom's girlfriend all claim that they haven't gotten bitten and say that they haven't seen any, and are skeptical that it is actually a bed bug issue. I've looked almost everywhere in my room that they might hide and I haven't found anything. The only other possibility that I can think of is that it is coming from another tenant in the triplex that we live in. My mom seems to think that that is unlikely because one tenant is very old and has a nurse that comes and takes care of her a few times a week, and the other is supposedly not home much. I would feel extremely weird to ask either of them if they have an issue with bed bugs, and feel that might come off as a little rude. I'm at a loss and I honestly have no idea what to do. It's causing me to lose sleep because I can't stand the thought of bugs crawling on me and sucking my blood as I sleep. Please help us! Thank you.

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Tue Jul 26 2016 13:18:03

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    Next time you find one take a picture and post it so that someone here can give you a correct ID.

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