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I'm new PLEASE help!

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  1. nytransp

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Sat Jul 19 2008 20:03:46

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    Hi all,

    So greatful to have found this site! I found my bugs last weekend. I told my apartment manager and she went nuts screaming at me saying it was only me and something about I need to open my windows more often? I did not know you were supposed to isolate the mattress so I dumped it along with the boxspring and a bunch of other stuff, I was in a complete panic. When I went to dump it I noticed another boxspring and bedding in the dumpster!

    What I have done so far:

    Since I have found your site:

    I have begun laundering and bagging everything in ziplock

    I have a steamer so I steam out all my clothes before wearing them, the ones you can't launder

    I steam cleaned the carpets.

    I bought a mattress cover for my futon which I am sleeping on as well as my pillows.

    I bought "PRONTO" and sprayed it everywhere I could reach!

    I live in absolute fear of a reoccurrence when the eggs hatch!

    Friends have offered to let me stay with them and I fear spreading the infestation!

    I cleaned out many of my drawers today to continue the laudering protocal and found a few of them barely crawling, nothing like last week.

    To date my apartment manager has not said ANYTHING about what she is going to do. I have gotten very little sleep and I am an emotional wreak! I cry every day and am snapping at people at work.

    I looked up who the owner of the buidling is an today I sent a certified letter to the LLC listed and I will leave her a copy of it tommorow night so she'll read it when I'm at work.


    What else can I do?

    Should I call the health department?

    I have dumped almost everything! But can I keep my shoes? Can shoes get infested?

    I have only seen tiny bugs? Not larger ones like your website shows, is it possible it's something else?

    I have a large CD/DVD collection I dont want to dump! any ideas?

    Can I keep glass knick knacks,stuff I can wipe with clorox?

    It's breaking my heart parting with so much of my life's memories! I do plan on moving in about 6 months but meanwhile I need to make this habitable for the time being. Any suggestions would be so appreciated!

    Thank YOU all!

  2. itchynscratchy

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Sat Jul 19 2008 21:39:09

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    glass knick knacks wih no cracks or seams -- just dunk in rubbing alcohol. i assume very hot/boiling water could crack them.

  3. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Sat Jul 19 2008 21:44:17

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    Are you in NYC?

    In most cases in NYC, landlords are responsible for treatment. The FAQs go more into detail. If unsure, NYC residents can call Met Council on Housing (tenants advice group) for advice on whether their landlords are responsible.

    Professional treatment is really what is needed. I would not continue spraying with Pronto and would instead try to get a pro in ASAP (and this will probably be paid for by the landlord).

    I also would be cautious about aggressive cleaning and bagging and such at this point. Here's why: if your landlord IS responsible, but resists the idea, or hesitates, it is possible to call 311 and get an inspector in.

    If the inspector does not see bed bugs, they may not class this as a violation, even in the presence of some signs of bed bugs. It is possible to clean away the most obvious evidence, before you prove to anyone who needs proof that you need treatment.

    Others have made this mistake, so be cautious.

    (I am assuming based on your username you are in NYC, and I may be wrong; in other places, landlords may or may not be responsible, but you still may need to prove you're infested, so the same points apply.)

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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