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  1. Blitzen

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Thu Sep 21 2017 3:41:00

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    Once upon time in June of 2016 in the city of angels I experience the worst summer of my life, yes the bed bug torture. June 1st 2016, I found bed bugs crawling around on my comforter. I panicked, never ever having seen or dealt with something like that, like so many of us have experienced. I contacted my former slumlord about it and he sent an exterminator to do an inspection to which my fears were confirmed. At that time I was living in a studio apartment, so that literally meant emptying out my entire home. For several days I slept one hour, ate once a day, and plowed through emptying the unit. Precious belongings like year books and family photo albums went into storage (which they are still sitting at and I plan on putting them through a Packtite before moving them back in at the end of the 18 months). My mattress, comforter, box spring, a comfy chair I had, luggage, pillows, etc were all thrown out. When I wasn't working I spent all my time at the laundromat and hauling things to the dry cleaners. I lived out of Ziplock, like many of us have. I cried, I screamed, I contemplated not even living anymore. Three treatments were done on my former apartment throughout the month of June.

    My parakeets were boarded at the vet all throughout treatment. I was not about to risk bringing them back until it was well over because I had already lost so much, I was not about to lose them too. This is where the sliminess of my former slumlord comes in, and I'm sure you'll hate this guy after hearing how he handled the situation. After the final treatment he offered having the carpeting taken up in my apartment to help prevent further infestation and put down wood laminate in it's place. I thought that was a great idea and agreed, so they came in and ripped up an out all the carpet. In it's place was dirty, cracked concrete, even dirtier than the sidewalk outside. There was glue in areas that had been there for 20 years according to the maintenance guy. Being a studio apartment and having all that poison everywhere as well as dust and dirt spread everywhere from a concrete exposed floor, it was not safe for any living conditions, animal or human. Just walking in there I would being coughing and barely able to breathe.

    Right before this all happens the slumlord asked me to pay for half of the extermination, which I told him absolutely not. When I had gone through the emptying out process of the apartment I discovered two of my previous neighbors had bed bugs before me, and the slumlord did absolutely nothing [i]to help them! No exterminator, no nothing! So it was no wonder I got bed bugs, with the slumlord allowing the bed bugs to just wander free. Anyway, the slumlord just so "happens" to go on "vacation" the moment the carpet is removed and no one at their so called "office" would help lay down the laminate flooring unless I paid for it all. This was now July and left me homeless. The parakeets were now heading into their second month of being boarded and a wonderful friend ever so kind heartedly took me in for the entire month of July. I was still paying rent on an apartment that was not even suitable to live in. The only way I was going to return home without paying for the floor, which was the slumlord's responsibility, I had to contact the health and housing departments.

    By now it's August and I have one glorious week of bliss forgetting bed bug hell temporarily by seeing my all time favorite music group, 98 Degrees (don't laugh :wink:) in both SoCal and NorCal on the My2k Tour. Both departments came out to do inspections. The housing department found one extra little surprise through their inspection. They revealed that my unit, just so happened to be illegal. It was literal hell. If it hadn't been for the support of friends and family at that time, I'm more than sure I would've killed myself over this. An illegal unit meant I wouldn't be able to live there anymore anyway, I could be legally evicted. My credit isn't stellar as it is already and I was emptying out all of pockets on bed bug problems, so I dreaded not being able to find a new place. Thanks to both departments coming out they put the pressure on the slumlord to finally put down flooring and make the apartment have suitable living conditions or they will take further action. Now they magically change their tune of course and provide me with floor without asking for a cent. In August the birds and I move back in and then I desperately begin the apartment search to get the hell out of there!

    In my final two months of living in that apartment I did not have anymore bed bug sightings or issues, which was relieving and made me feel better about moving my items at least. In September I was approved to move in to one bedroom in a much better building with a property manager that lives on site and takes very well care of the building and tenants. That was my most important requirement when finding a new apartment. I had to have a proactive, non-slumlord, caring management team to go to. And the place I'm in now has glowing reviews, so it's a total 180 for me. October 1st I moved into where I'm at now. About a month later I got a dog and he is actually my ESA because I was diagnosed with anxiety and borderline PTSD from the bed bug trauma of last year. The parakeets are all happy and healthy. While it was ridiculously expensive to keep them at the vet for two months, it was worth every penny.

    As for my former slumlord, he is still evading housing department inspections, and also being served. I'm taking him to small claims court November 1st this year. He owes me just under $10,000 for everything that happened last year, which is just under the rope for small claims in California. He's been avoiding being served though and hiding like the roach he is, so hopefully we'll catch him soon and finish off this success story with a whopping refreshment for my bank account. Battling bed bugs is hard enough, but when you're dealing with a crazy slumlord, have no where to live, and are forced to move, that makes bed bugs the worst thing that has ever happened to me. It's seriously scarring. However, I got through it. It was a war. The only other thing that's ever happened to me on this level of difficulty in my life was losing my dad when I was 13 (different type of pain, but awful none the less). I'm forever changed by last summer and hopefully I can help others from where I've been and what I've been through.

  2. Fortunata

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Mon Nov 20 2017 8:14:14

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    I know you posted this some time ago, but I am just seeing it. You affirm so many things I am going through now, while giving me hope that this will not last forever. All my best to you.

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