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identifying shells

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  1. mrsmaglite

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    Wed Jul 23 2008 13:05:37

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    Hi - looking for some advice on how to identify shells please. I'm sure that I've been bitten by bed bugs, though not sure where they originated from. Yesterday I came up in 5 red welts all in different parts of my body, but logical for the position I sleep in, as I discovered last night. They itch and although all single bites, some would be close together as I sleep, so as I say I'm convinced they are bed bug bites. Since then I've been driving myself crazy reading on the internet til 5am and now scouring our apartment for evidence. My husband and I just took a trip and stayed in a nice b&b, which is most likely to be the cause and means the time it has taken for me to react is 2-4 days which seems normal. However, we have both stayed in lots of different places on trips recently, so our happy weekend away for my birthday (what a gift) is not the only option, especially as my husband has no visible bites, so could have carried them straight to our apartment from his previous trip. Anyway, I put our suitcases, which had been open on the floor at the hotel (if only I had known...), then on our bed at home (golly) inside each other and stuck them in a cupboard in the apartment on Monday. I have just found what I think is a discarded shell and taped it to some card. Any suggestions for whom I can get to id this? Or any good pics to view? It looks a lot darker than the pics I saw on here - should it be a light colour like a nymph? I appreciate that nymphs take a few days to discard, but as I can't be certain as and when they got here (or at this point, am still hopeful it's an if they got here) I'm not sure time is a helpful determinator. Would be grateful for any advice!

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