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Identify this bug and my biting issue

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  1. Urbanwoes

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Mon Jan 25 2016 16:49:06

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    My kids started getting bites earlier this week. Looked like mosquito bites and were itchy. I searched everything and saw no evidence of bed bugs, but after they continued to get bitten I attacked the house in a frenzy of cleaning and laundering. I have now only seen pen point marks on sheets. My husband and I have experienced one bite each. They were small and itchy. My kids have way more of a reaction. Since my cleaning the bites have nearly stopped, but I still have a PC guy coming in 2 days.
    I was sure that we had bed bugs, but then I also remembered that my husband had brought in the cushions from the outdoor couch that feral cats had discovered and begun to sit on. Gross. I'm assuming they could have fleas. Could he have brought in the cushions with fleas on them? I have not actually seen any fleas either.
    Then today, on top of it all, I found this.
    I clearly have lots of issues. If someone could help me suss this out I would really appreciate it.

  2. loubugs

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Mon Jan 25 2016 17:02:37

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    Not a bed bug, but a cockroach nymph. Cerci (tiny, pointed, segmented, finger-like extensions at rear of body) are visible and is one characteristic of cockroaches.

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