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Identify- bugs on mattress

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  1. heatherscared

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Tue May 15 2018 18:39:19

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    Found some bugs on daughter’s bed and her next to bed windowsill. In mattress, bed curtain, and blinds. Not elsewhere in the house. We didn’t go anywhere (not much money). She did go on cruise with her dad a month ago though.

    They are fast.

    No bites on her but years ago we stayed at a hotel with bedbugs and I had bites and she didn’t. Show any. . (Disney fumigated all luggage before we went home. I have been paranoid since.).

    We are in GA, USA.

    Are they bed bugs or what are they and what do I do?

    [img]B2_E56_FFD_3838_421_E_9743_8_A9_AA60_B53_AE 0_B7_B1298_569_B_4421_AF53_A02_DA629_BB19 324_BB404_7_DC7_4986_A785_16_BD79_D798_E2 959_CC269_7546_4_D89_A250_B6_C58_CA78226 BF175_F42_A480_4_BD5_8_EEB_BE224_CF66_A86 9326665_A_1_EB2_46_E1_9447_638_AE50_D9590[/img]

  2. KillerQueen

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    Posted 5 months ago
    Tue May 15 2018 23:05:10

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    These little guys are beetles. The pictures are not focused enough for an exact ID.

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