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ID this specimen?

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  1. MyAccountHere

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Thu Aug 22 2019 17:38:28

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    I think (I hope) I'm just being overly paranoid; I don't have much reason to suspect bed bugs, but I saw this critter on my bed. Honestly looked a lot like a gnat, fairly sure those are wings on it - but reassurance (or unfortunate reality) is very much appreciated.

    They're not amazing pictures and I'm not sure the perspective is great, but it was definitely long and not rounded.

  2. Helppleasee

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Thu Aug 22 2019 19:41:35

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    That looks like a mosquito.
    and it has wings.
    not a bb.
    *not an expert*

  3. Mawiwala

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    Posted 1 month ago
    Fri Aug 23 2019 4:09:56

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    Definitely no bed bug. I would look at bed bug pictures to see the difference. If you know what to look for then identifying will be much easier. (Hotels etc.)

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