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ID please!

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  1. grossbb

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Wed Nov 7 2018 10:15:16

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    Hi everyone,

    On 10/25, a student at a school I work at found a bedbug crawling on the sweater of another student. I didn't think much of it, but came home and changed out of my clothes in my room before throwing them in the wash. The next morning, I found a bug bite on my leg. Thought it was a mosquito bite so again, didn't think it was a bed bug. Over that weekend, I found over 10-12 bites scattered throughout my body: on my legs, arms, hip, toe. The following Monday evening (10/29), I pulled out my comforter (my bed is against a wall) and found an adult bed bug. The body was slender so it didn't look like a female. I instinctively killed it and a bunch of blood squirted out. I reported it to my building manager and they sent an exterminator out the next day. He did a thorough search, and said that he couldn't find any other signs of an infestation. I did request that the manager switch out my mattress and metal bed frame, which they did. However, they kept the wooden ends.

    Didn't find any other bugs or bites over the course of the next couple of days. I slept with the lights on, looked through my comforter every morning and night. Nothing. Until last night, where I found a little bug crawling on my pillow. I know I should have saved it, but I was so freaked that I squished it. It was translucent and whitish. I think it might be an unfed nymph ( Can anyone confirm?

    My building manager is sending an exterminator out again today, but what does this mean if I found only one nymph? I looked/tore my bed apart and I couldn't find anymore.

    Thanks for your help!

  2. SalsaVince

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Wed Nov 7 2018 12:11:01

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    That definitely looks like a bed bug nymph. Sorry you're going through this but at least your landlord is being responsive in sending an exterminator. Hopefully, they will do a better search this time and find some more evidence. If you've had that many bites, you're dealing with more than just a couple of bugs. Try to keep yourself from killing them if you find more for proof. One effective way to grab them that some have used is with sticky tape like duct tape.
    I would recommend educating yourself about them from the FAQ section of this site and others. It sounds like you may have caught them early so that makes it much more likely you can get rid of them. Be sure to keep from spreading them to other parts of your apartment by changing to fresh clothes when you leave your bedroom if that's where they are limited to. By the way, leaving the lights on isn't going to keep them away but if it makes you feel safer seeing what's around you and helps you sleep, do it. When checking the mattress and box springs, be sure to look under the ribbing and seams especially by the head of the bed. They typically can't bite through clothing so you might want to wear socks and pants at least to limit where they can get you. Hope you can find the source and eliminate them quickly.

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