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ID needed: tiny bugs found in wooden bed frame and mattress

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  1. Palombaj

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Mon May 9 2016 1:08:02

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    bed bug on particle board bed frame



    Bug #2: looks different than the others?

    I found a tiny tiny dead bug on my sheet, which prompted me to lift my mattress, and see at least 20 of the same bugs frantically and quickly crawling around in my bed frame (a platform made of particleboard). I inspected my mattress and found a few more of the same hiding in folds and seems, more sparingly than on the board though. I did not find any shells, one tiny rusty stain that could be fecal but could also just coincidentally be a spot stain, no blood spots. I haven't had any bites, I've been a little itchy after this discovery, but this could just be psychological.

    I recently returned from a trip to Asia with some questionable bed accommodations, so, of course, I'm a bit paranoid that it could be lice or bed bugs (although all of my luggage went straight to laundry, never touched my room, and I showered before sleeping in the bed, so I can't see how bed bugs could have possibly made it there). Head lice is my biggest concern (my scalp has been itchy, but again, psychology...). They don't seem to look like bed bugs to me unless they're really early stage- but I haven't found any adults, only this miniscule size). They are about the size of a letter on a penny. They seem to most closely resemble book lice, but I just want to make sure since head lice is sort of similar and a lot more serious of a concern. The bug in the last photo (held up in plastic bag with my hand in the background) looks a bit different from the others I've seen- it's narrower, pointed at the end, the legs look more curled, and color a bit more greyish-brown. I want to make sure this also isn't a head louse.

    I should note that I've had issues with mold on my walls (including the one behind my headboard, and I have my book case next to my bed which contains some old books, so I'm basically a perfect environment for book lice... I should definitely make some changes). I just found it strange that these bugs would also be burrowed in the seams and folds of my mattress. Thoughts on that? Haven't noticed them on the wall, baseboard, or the bookshelves, however I haven't monitored those areas quite as closely as the bed. I have never previously noticed them on the bed, but I also have never been this paranoid coming back from a trip and monitoring for bugs in bed!

    Thanks so much!

  2. jim danca

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Mon May 9 2016 7:33:19

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    Nothing bedbug related.

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