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  1. adelaide21

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    Posted 1 week ago
    Wed Oct 10 2018 13:02:39

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    Hello there !
    I found some mysterious feces and i would like if it’s Bedbug related :

    I have shown all these details to a PCO today but he couldn’t find any details 😪

    Thank you for your help

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 1 week ago
    Wed Oct 10 2018 13:44:21

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    Does it taste like burnt oranges?

    I don't see anything that would make me suspect bed bugs. Nothing else of concern, no cast skins? Fecal deposits on their own are so hard for people to properly identify; there's no way I know how to explain it to you, it's just a skill built up over time and many, many infestations.

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