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ID Needed - Are these bed bug eggs & shed skins?

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  1. collegekid96

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Thu Dec 15 2016 20:55:43

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    Hello all,
    I'm new to this forum. I feel like I should provide some background info before my question, since it really seems to suggest bed bugs. I'm in college right now and have been staying in a dorm this past semester - I actually just moved out yesterday afternoon for winter break. For the past two or three weeks I've been waking up with clustered itchy spots. First it was one or two, then more developed. I wrote it off as mosquito bites or some other kind of bug bite as I'm outside in nature often and I hadn't seen anything in my room to make me suspect bed bugs.
    This past Sunday evening, I crawled into bed to take a quick power nap, and opened my eyes to find a bright red bug crawling across my blankets. At first I thought it was a stray clover mite, but it seemed a little too big. Then a lightbulb went off and I remembered how itchy I'd been the past few weeks. I pulled the covers off of my bed and found another bug of similar size, about 1mm maybe, also alive. I killed both and flushed them without thinking to take a pic. Then I went looking around to see where they came from, and behind a pillow up against the base of the headboard, I found five or six little white things seemingly glued to the back of my pillow. There were also small rusty spots around the area, but no sign of these spots or bugs or white egg-type things anywhere else. Again, I threw them away without thinking, threw my sheets in the wash, and went on a cleaning spree with permethrin. I had no choice but to sleep in those bed sheets after I'd washed them, and I found this little thing stuck to the blanket the next morning:
    Can't confirm if it's even a bug or not, but I snapped a pic anyway. In a fabric container next to my bed, I also found a bug shell, but it was striped and long and the dorm exterminator confirmed it was not a bed bug, perhaps a silverfish. He seemed unconvinced of bed bugs because he couldn't find them around my bed, but I'm thinking that what I found behind my pillow in conjunction with the red bugs and bites is just too much evidence to rule out bed bugs.
    I moved back home this week from my dorm - they will be spraying while I'm away for break - and immediately began checking my drawers and clothes for possible signs that I'd brought the little critters home from school in the past few weeks (I come every weekend and do laundry while there - including PJs that I'd slept in my bed with; makes cross-contamination seem plausible). My parents sprayed the carpets and washed and dried my sheets and everything on my bed while I was gone, but I don't think they thoroughly checked my drawers. I found a scarf in my drawer that I'd worn maybe two weeks ago at school, thrown onto my dorm bed, etc. and brought back home last week. I examined the scarf, now in my drawer at home, and found these: They look smaller than the egg-looking things I found on the pillow at my dorm, but still suspicious. I found similar spots on a shirt in another drawer after this, but no sign of bugs or shells within the drawer anywhere. Are these bed bug eggs?
    After pulling the drawers out, I found some strange things that were suspended in a web - maybe not a spider web but a cob web? I know bed bugs can't spin webs, and I found no spider there. These were in the corner of the dresser when I pulled the drawer out, next to the side of the drawer where the above scarf was sitting:
    They are so small, maybe 1-2mm, so I could not get a clearer, closer picture than this. I can't tell if they are bed bug exoskeletons? I haven't found them anywhere else yet. In the back part of the dresser where that drawer was sitting, I also found these little white specs attached to the glue of the dresser:

    The strangest part of all this is when I pulled out the bottom drawer, I found this cocoon-type structure:

    At first I was pretty certain I was dealing with bed bugs, but now I'm not so sure. They definitely don't spin webs or make cocoons, but the cocoon may very well be unrelated to the rest. I'm just confused about what type of pest I'm dealing with here and I don't know how to form a treatment plan until I'm sure. Any and all help is very, very much appreciated. I've slept about 15 hours in the past 5 days because of the paranoia and anxiety from all of this.

  2. ElisaR

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Fri Sep 22 2017 6:11:20

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    Without pictures it is impossible to say to me, maybe an expert would be able to tell what is going on.
    Have you still been itchy?

    Not an expert! Just one really easily anxious and extremely paranoid person. I try to help, mainly focusing on the psychological side of bb's. Haven't had an infestation myself. I have experience of carpet beetles though. Many years actually, I lived in a house full of them.

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