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ID HELP, please: Teardrop-shaped "seeds"

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Wed Sep 2 2015 11:49:48

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    Hi again,
    What the eff are these seeds, please?
    While I wait out the 2+ weeks of DDVP action in my apartment, I continue to find these teardrop-shaped seeds here and there on floors and low furniture. A few were in my place throughout July, after the exterminators did their questionable best, and a few have been found in the place my cat has been staying. And now, I have found two in two days in the place I have been camping out. (I found these after a few hours of playing/snoozing with my cat.)
    I wonder now, as I did last month when I posted fuzzy/useless photos of some of these seeds, whether these are dried tapeworm segments (as per other websites), and whether my cat has them (or I do??).
    FYI, I have also found what appears to be sesame seeds (more tapeworm clues) in areas where my cat plays/sleeps—but since it's Montreal, it's entirely possible that those were wayward bagel seeds...

    What could these teardrop apparitions be (other than a transmogrified representation of the tears I have shed throughout this BB fight)?

    Please help.

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