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IC3 or Exciter on sofa as follow-up to steam--and cats

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  1. hinny

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    Posted 3 years ago
    Sat Jan 2 2016 15:59:49

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    All advice appreciated! Help. I just had 2 days of the steam treatment for my guest room, and got rid of the piece of furniture that clearly was the source. Today, however, I saw one more bedbug on the living room floor. The exterminator steamed that room, too, and didn't see another, but suspected that there might be something somewhere in the sofa (and said he thought he got bitten, as well). A few days ago the dog was here, and only hit on the guest room--but perhaps one of them got into the living room between then and now.

    The exterminator wants to treat the sofa with IC3 and/or Exciter--just the sofa, nothing else. He says that this will kill whatever may be in there. Should I do this? Do I have to worry about my 2 cats if I opt for this? The dog is coming back in 3 days, and I would love to deal with the sofa before he shows up.

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