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I tried to fight them to no avail, so I'm going to bail.

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    So I've had bedbugs for about three months now. It all started when I had these itchy bites on my feet. I didn't think much of it then, but I kept getting them, so I did some research, and came to the conclusion that it was either mosquitos or bedbugs. I really hoped it was mosquitos.

    I took all the bedding off my bed, and made a point of doing spot checks with a flashlight after I had been lying in bed for a bit. They paid off. I caught a live one hiding in the piping of the mattress. I was pretty upset, crushed it between my fingers causing it to leak black gunk.

    I informed my landlord as soon as possible, and he schduled an exterminator. The problem is, the chemicals they use are pretty lethal to cats, and so I had to find some way to get my cat out of the apartment for 4 hours while they did the treatment and let it dry. It wasn't at all practical to board my cat on that notice for that short amount of time, so I did a remote day, and just sat with my rather upset cat in a hallway, baking in the summer heat while the chemicals dried.

    I kept getting bites, so they eventually did 3 treatments in total. I'll admit, I can't follow best practices for dealing with an infestation, in part because my apartment building has no laundry in it whatsoever. I did my best to bag clothes and get them cleaned, but there was no way I could do this on a daily basis.

    To add insult to injury, the pest control guy accused me of being crazy because he didn't see any signs of bedbugs. I explained to him that since the start of the infestation I had seen several live bugs, but he wasn't interested in listening, and instead made oblique threats about what happened to people who lied about the presence of bugs. And the string of bites on my arms? Those could be from anything. I had to catch one, and send it on a glue strip to his boss, who confirmed that it was indeed a bedbug.

    So after that didn't work, three terrible afternoons baking in the hallway with an upset cat, I tried a bit of DIY. I went full tryhard and started reading entomology journals, eventually ordering a fungal culture (of the strain that is in Apprehend) from a garden supply store. That didn't work, but I will 100% grant that I may have not applied it thoroughly enough or in the correct manner.

    In some ways, I kind of pretending it wasn't happening after the 3 treatments failed. Figured if I kept dousing my bed in chemicals and dry cleaning my clothes it would go away eventually. Then one night I'm playing videogames on my bed. Its an intense section so when I feel some itching on my arm, I ignore it and focus on the game. The itching grows worse and worse and I finally roll over and lift up my arm, to reveal a bedbug who just finished laying a string of bites down. I had been bitten dozens of times in my sleep previously, but for some reason this incident made me angrier than all of those put together.

    So now I'm just done. Luckily the landlord let me go from the lease without a fight. I'm looking for new apartments, and ready to ditch all my things. I have a full time job and I'm bad at housework to begin with, I simply can't beat an infestation once its taken hold.

    Sadly, I can't help but feel that even once I move I won't be done with this. I'll be careful as I can to not bring them to the new place; I bought Tivex suits and suitcase heater thing for organizing triage and contamination protocol. My first instinct was to simply ditch everything aside from my cat, since I can afford to buy new, but there's been a lot of emotional guilting from my relatives, as much of my furniture and clothing are from them. On the one hand they understand what I'm going through, but on the other hand they're frugal people and they're kind of pissed at the idea of me throwing away so much stuff.

    So I'll leave all the furniture, but I'm probably going to try and take some clothes after blasting them in the heater thing. I just hope that one small concession doesn't doom me to more of this, because I am exhausted, physically and mentally. And while this forum is full of good advice, it seems short on hope, with people giving dire warnings that these things will come and get you if you make the slightest misstep in dealing with them.

    So sorry this message is so long and so glum, but maybe in 3 months I'll be singing a different tune if I ditch them succesfully.

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