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I survived, so can you! Bedbugs gone in 1 month

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    Tue Aug 7 2018 0:16:56

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    When I first found out I had bed bugs, it was because I got two bites one night last year mid March, then the next night I received two more in a straight line, I thought they were spider bites untold one of my co workers told me they were bed bug bites! I literally went home and stripped my bedroom, I kept everything in my bedroom in bags, brought all of my clothes to the Laundry inc’uding my shoes, I would spray everything with 99% alcohol spray, get a small alcohol spray bottle from the dollar store the refil it with 99% alcohol, I poured boiling water on things that couldn’t really by dried, the use of plastic bags helped a lot, I sprayed my phone my laptop everything and was super csreful, if I felt a little iffy about something being contaminated I would bring it back to the dryer, I stuck to the same selected outfits so I wouldn’t have to constantly do more laundry than I was already doing, I bought the bed bug powder thing, got exterminators, and also bought raid MAX, I only sprayed the raid max in areas I thought might have a lot of bed bugs, I also didn’t want to go over the places the exterminator went to mess anything up, I mostly sprayed my own items, i sealed every crack in my room after spraying it, any other creases I covered a decent amount, not too much of the bed bug killing powder, I tried best not to spread them but I slept on my couch because I was paranoid, I don’t think they spread but I constantly sprayed my couch, and it’s leather making it easier, I regret throwing out some of my things but mostly my shoes but it was an accident cause I didn’t keep track of my garbage and keeper bags at first, I’d say constantly shower and I used really hot water most of the time, and wash your hair !!! I honestly believe that there were some in my hair because there was a strange smell when I washed my hair out with hot water (not boiling obviously), by mid April I don’t think I had any bed bugs left but I did kinda go crazy and refused to unpack everything, so I did a bag a week pretty much but before opening a bag with my clothes I would bring it to The laundry dryer just to be safe. I threw out my mattress because it just wasn’t worth the stress in all honestly, I would say do spring cleaning but don’t throw out things that aren’t probably super contaminated, I still have the sneakers that brought the bed bugs into
    My room and after treating them it’s completely fine, but I really think wrapping up my mattress for rid of a lot of them. And it didn’t spread to any other room, I also did catch it early but u think that if you go crazy and try not to
    Miss anything and get a good
    Exterminator, you should be fine ! Good luck ! This site helped a lot ! Try to focus on the positive ones ! Oh yeah and I got two treatments for the bed bugs

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