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I know it's a little difficult to tell just from bites, but..

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  1. dididi8318

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Fri Jun 8 2012 21:07:41

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    Hello all. first of all thanks in advance for the help, i am losing my mind a little bit over this. about 3 nights ago, i put my dog's bed in my room for a couple of days. he is on flea treatment now and i have spotted fleas on him on rare occasions, but i haven't found any on him recently (I check every couple of weeks or so). The morning after the 2nd night of having his bed in my room (which he spends a lot of time in), I wake up with about 6 extremely itchy bites around my knees (as seen in the photos). I also have a couple under my knee on my other leg. So of course I search all around my bed looking for evidence of bed bugs and I do not see any at all. I vaccuum my bedroom carpet and use flea spray on the carpets that night before bed. I only woke up with one new bite this morning a few inches above one of my ankles. I believe they are fleas since the only difference in my lifestyle has been bringing in his bed that hasn't been washed in quite some time (it is now). I just really want to hear some opinions so I can figure out what to do about this situation. The bites are very itchy and it may be hard to tell in the picture, but there is a small bump with redness around each of the bites. It sort of looks like pimples. Please let me know what you think this may be.

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Fri Jun 8 2012 23:01:10

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    Could be fleas but there's no way to tell from photos of skin reactions, I am afraid.

    You can buy cheap plugin flea traps and passive bed bug monitors (see our Useful stuff page) which may help you determine if it is one of these.

    Remember if it's bed bugs, you could have been bitten somewhere else, and might take days or even a week or more to react. So even if it's bed bug bites, it doesn't mean bed bugs at home.

    I don't know if flea bites can also take time to develop a reaction but since bite reactions are allergic reactions, which vary a great deal, it would not surprise me.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."
  3. brooklyn_bites

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Sat Jun 9 2012 21:02:38

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    Top right bite, dot in center is characteristic of flea bites. Also, locations are typical of flea bites; ankles especially. Flea bites tend to appear sooner after exposure than bed bug bites.

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