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I found bed bugs in my hotel last night

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  1. radar5667

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    Posted 11 years ago
    Sun Aug 10 2008 21:33:02

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    I am staying in a hotel in Houston and recently found bites all over my body. I have been staying in the hotel for 9 days now. When I got home last night, I was curious about the bites so I started looking around the room. I removed the headboard from the wall and found that there were bed bugs hiding/living there. I captured some of them and put them in a zip bag. I have been trying to talk to the hotel manager, but nobody at the hotel will do anything to assist me. I am still in the room with the bugs. Unless I hear otherwise, I will go to the Health Department tomorrow morning with bed bug sample in hand. What can I do? I took all of my clothes to the laundromat and washed them in hot water. I then placed them in new bags in my car rather than take them back in the hotel. I have taken still photos and videos of the bugs and uploaded them to my server for documentation. I do not know what to do about the rest of my things (laptop, computer bag, tool bag, food, etc. How much of the rest of my things should I abandon? What should I ask the hotel to do? I have already paid in full for a two week stay. If there is anyone out there who would be willing to talk me through this I would really appreciate some help. I have not slept since discovering the bugs. I have been bitten from head to toe. Can anyone help me through this? Do I need to see a Doctor for the bites?

  2. Livingagain

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    Posted 11 years ago
    Sun Aug 10 2008 21:47:27

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    With the experiences that most of us have had with these demons, I would say that if we had had a chance to walk away with only the loss of a laptop, computer bag, tool bag, and clothes and suitcase before bringing that home, we would have and counted ourselves lucky. Someone just had a great idea of putting the stuff from a computer on a zip drive and sealing that up quickly to take home for a new computer. If you have this so well documented, you should be able to have them reimburse you for everything. Personally, I would back up the computer and buy all new clothes and change into them in a public bathroom and seal up the old ones and throw them away. Even if they didn't reimburse you-- which they probably will have to-- the losses would be way cheaper than fighting these things at your home and the results would be more sure.

    I am jealous of your ability to handle this 100% at this point. I'd bet a lot of us wish we had had the opportunity that you have right now.

  3. DougSummersMS

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    Posted 11 years ago
    Sun Aug 10 2008 22:19:43

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    Get out of the room & double bag all of your contents that you haven't decontaminated yet.

    I would consult with a Pharmacist at the drug store about over the counter products to control the symptoms.

    I recommend Caladryl Lotion or check the FAQ's on this site for other suggestions.

    You likely won't require a doctor's assistance unless you experience a severe reaction or the wounds get infected. Bed bugs are not currently believed to transmit any communicable diseases.

    If you don't have any luck with the Health Department...You might want to try the news media. The local Fox station does some aggressive reporting on consumer issues.

    Also there should be a state agency that regulates hotels in Texas where you could lodge a complaint. Also consider listing the property on the Bed Bug Registry or Hotel / Travel websites.

    If the hotel is a franchise you might wants to complain to the headquarters of the chain about your experience.

    You can try treating the tool bag & laptop case with heat in a commercial dryer.

    You can have a computer repair shop perform a detailed cleaning of your laptop & blow it out with compressed air.

    In general, I would only throw away items that are cheaper to trash rather than to treat.

    I would ask for reimbursement for the cost of decontaminating & treating your possessions. You are certainly entitled to a refund for unused days, but I think a full refund would be a reasonable request to make to the hotel.

    Follow up any verbal conversations with a letter. Be sure to put your complaint and all of your requests in written form.

    Read the FAQs about travel precautions & try to avoid bringing the infestation home with you.

    Let us know about your progress.

  4. spideyjg

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    Posted 11 years ago
    Sun Aug 10 2008 23:09:34

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    Do you have your own car or a rental? Take precautions to not have unwanted hitchhikers.

    Get a spray bottle and 91% alcohol for a quick cheap contact killer.

    Do everything Doug said.

    If you fear the laptop is infested get a small portable hard drive to back up all your data before any procedure is done to it. Were their bugs by the computers location?

    Trash what is easily replaced and bring NOTHING into your home unless you decontaminate it.

    Stuff must be bagged air tight.

    I'd sick the media on that hotel if they don't at the very freaking least move you to another room.

    Trying to make you stay in an infested room is unconscionable! That would make a great story for a newscast consumer advocate.

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