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I don't believe my exterminator - said the bug I have is NOT a bedbug.

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Fri Oct 1 2010 16:02:28

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    Okay. This is very long so I apologize for that in advance. I know its a lot to read but please read it.

    This past weekend, I stayed at a hotel. I woke up at about 3:30 in the morning with two welts on my goddamned girl parts, eugh, and then could not sleep for the rest of the night because i know that bedbugs go for the warm spots. i spent the whole night looking for bugs. i DID check the beds and seams first when i got there, but i didnt know to check the bedboards. the next afternoon i had some weird itching on my neck and by the time i got home that night i had welts, full blast on my lower back, about nine of them spread out. since then, i have had various itching and welts on my back, forearms, sides, and neck. sometimes in small groups, sometimes in lines, sometimes singular or in large groups. at first i was freaking out, thinking maybe i brought them home. all of my stuff (including a dresser from my g-ma's house...she is bedbug free) was in the trunk with my mom and brother's who had also been at the hotel. so here i am, not sleeping, daily itching, etc. then on wednesday night while i was cleaning my couch (another thing i didnt know i wasn't doing correctly when it comes to bedbugs), i saw it. a BUG on my floor. it didnt look like an 8 legged thing but did have a round, plump back end. it was walking pretty steadily across the floor but not lightning fast. i flipped out, smashed it, and put it in between 2 pieces of clear packing tape. smashed, it looks to me like a bedbug. the round body was confusing to me, though, so i called a 24 hour exterminator and asked if the bedbugs ever have a spherical back end. he said yes, if they've just fed, they could. when i was cleaning the couch i did this (probably horrible i know but i wasn't informed about how to properly clean stuff) - took out the cushions and lint rolled them so i could examine everything that came off them, and then lint rolled the couch underneath the cushions. there was lots of debris but to me it was stuff that didn't look unfamiliar...just like, little bits of dusty/dirt and sand from going to the beach in the summer, flecks of cat litter (she uses feline pine, that crap tracks EVERYWHERE), crumbs and stuff that falls down there when i eat on the couch (sounds worse than it is, really, it wasn't that much) there were some tiny hard round/ovalish dark bits but they did not smear when i did the saliva test and i've seen stuff like that before under my couch and other couches i've had in years past so it didn't phase me. thought, all clear, must not be hiding in the couch. haven't seen any in my mattress seams, i cleaned and lint rolled the slats underneath my mattress etc. constantly inspecting the white paper towels and sticky tape looking for unusual stuff. i just figured that people talk about how they're SO hard to find, i'm just not finding them. i have wood floors and live in an old place with plaster walls and lots of cracks here and there.

    then, yesterday i saw a picture on this site of a closeup of stuff in someone's couch that was labeled "bedbug castings, feces, eggs, etc." and FREAKED OUT, because the same little round/oval dots that did not smear that i found, looked to also be in that picture. then i remembered reading here that bedbug feces is could that not be it? i did see a lot of dark spots on my wood floors that i thought might be bedbug feces soaked in, but couldnt find any pictures here to compare. the spots i've been seeing for awhile and remember thinking once "have those always been there and i just didnt notice? maybe its mold, or a drip from a wood stain?" i did a saliva smear on those as well and nothing. they cant be cleaned off. they are not raised at all, just look to be totally in the wood. and i remember seeing a bug that looked the same as the one i killed BEFORE i went to the hotel, a few weeks ago, climbing on its own on a wall in my closet. that coupled with the familiarity of what i thought was regular couch debris had me thinking.....have i had bedbugs this whole time and didnt know it? for years?

    pest control guy came today to look while i was at work. property mgmt company said he didnt find anything and that the bug i killed was a water bug in the roach family so they are going to come by and treat for that as soon as possible...i think this weekend or monday.

    well damnit, i dont believe them. i KNOW what roaches look like and that was not a roach. roaches are flat. are there other kinds of roachey bugs or bugs with fat round back ends? almost like a spider with a fat round back end? it looked black or very dark brown before i smashed it but afterwards, it was more of a dark brown color. there was no SPLAT of blood or anything but i dunno how big a blood splatter is when you smash a full bedbug or how dark red it is etc. i wish i'd taken a pic of it pre-smashing but i was freaking out.

    this morning i had another itchy rash on my back, some welts but also just an overall area of redness that was in an area about as big as my hand. its gone now.

    over july and august i had steady itching on my legs and lower back and sides that i thought was health-related, and that did stop before this weird hotel prompted long period of itching and bug finding. i had been itch free for awhile.

    so now i'm thinking i either got bit by bedbugs in that hotel and am having tons of delayed itching that comes and goes in many different areas of my body, or i'm suddenly allergic to my laundry detergent, or that bug was a bedbug and the exterminator just doesn't know how to look properly, or that bug was a bedbug and the exterminator also saw the spots on my floor that could be feces and is lying because my landlord wants me to re-sign a lease.

    i really hope he left that bug...i might take it to a bug person and have them check it out.

    i dont even know what kind of advice i'm asking for. basically, do bedbugs ever have spherical back ends and is my experience familiar to anyone here?

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