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I am now definitely going to kill myself

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  1. Bedbugguy39

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Sat Jul 4 2015 0:48:36

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    I'm a 39 year old disabled man on social security. I also suffer from mental illness. I live in central massachusetts. I've been dealing with depression for quite some time. The tip of the hat began when I started getting itchy at night and had all of these bites usually on my legs. I am also a diabetic
    I live in hud federally funded housing which basically gives tenants NJ rights in a case of bbs. Does any one know if state law over rides hud policy? Cam they evict me? Guess I should off myself soon because I can't take it anymore. Scared to report that I found an casting of a bb. So now I know what's biting me at night. I b want to kill myself due to bipolar and anxiety etc and bed bugs. Need help. I'm new here as a registered member but I've been checking outhe whathe other ppl wrote for a few years

    Thanks and yes I am contiplating suicide just a matter of time.

  2. robinsmom

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Sat Jul 4 2015 4:56:37

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    Massachusetts law demands landlords pay for and treat bed bugs if found. I've actually never heard of a tenant of HUD housing being evicted for reporting bed bugs. Matter of fact, you probably have all kinds of rights. My city is filled with HUD housing and I've known lots of people in them and never heard of anyone getting evicted for bed bugs--they aren't anyone's fault.

    Please start another thread and post a picture of what you believe is a cast skin of a bed bug. A positive id might strengthen your standing with your landlord.

    Please do not harm yourself. Bed bugs are treatable. Please see your therapist about your depression, and tell the landlord about the skin cast you saw. And again, post a picture.

    We've all "been there" too.

    Please post another thread, please try to not get too emotional, but stick with the facts of your situation: pictures, what kind of place you live in (apartment or house), how long the situation has been going on.

    We are here for you, but posts mentioning suicide are either closed or deleted, which is frustrating for those of us who want to help you. OK?

    I'm not an expert just a dumb struggling bed bugger like every body else.
  3. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Sat Jul 4 2015 9:51:29

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    This site has a rule (link to forum rules) that we close threads where people talk about suicide, and refer posters to this thread ("If you are feeling suicidal or anxious") and the additional resources there. We are not trained counselors and not equipped to provide appropriate help with this here.

    Depression and the other conditions you mention can be treated. Please seek professional help immediately. Go to an ER or contact your regular doctor's emergency number if there is one. If you would like more resources, you can find them in this thread If you are feeling suicidal or anxious.

    You are very welcome to continue discussing bed bugs. When you are ready, please post a picture of anything you are finding that you think is bed bug related (bed bugs, cast skins, fecal stains or eggs).

    Tenants in Massachusetts do have rights re: bed bug treatment. See this part of our FAQ on landlords and tenants with a link to the source.

    There is a link to the HUD guidelines in this post. I am not sure, but I believe they should be in effect for your building even if different rules apply to landlord/tenant situations in your state.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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