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Hurricane Florence Evacuation: Part Two

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Wed Sep 19 2018 16:54:53

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    Recap: my daughter had to evacuate to PA for the recent hurricane. She found a bed bug in her hotel room on day 3 (no signs before that. She has good inspecting skills).

    Current: it seems the people she took w her to evacuate as well have bbs at their home. Their bags have been in her car for the past week.

    I have a few thoughts: the bed bug was in her hotel room bc it lived there (the hotel manager told us that the room had just been deep cleaned and treated)

    OR It was a straggler from the car.

    She is coming home tomorrow and staying w family. I am of
    Course concerned about transfer if it is from her car. She has vacuumed the car (but she’s 19 so how good idk!?) and has been bagging and drying clothes (we moved hotels).

    I have contacted a PCO who said he would be able to steam and treat the car. He says he doesn’t have vikane and uses Gentrol and alpine. I know this has been debated for years on here about treating cars but honestly her house is completed flooded and I just want to be very cautious w her staying w family friends. This is unfortunate in light of these horrible circumstances.

    Does this sound like a good plan of attack and are those pesticides ok? Any advice is appreciated.

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