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Huge infestation from helping people move, even infested car

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    Please help! First and foremost I just want to say that this forum has helped me a ton! So, me and my husband helped his mother move her boyfriend's stuff after he passed away about 6 weeks ago. She has dealt with bed bugs for many years since she lives in an appartment, but since they had said they didn't have them and since her boyfriend had moved into a new house, we didn't think twice. Well, let me just say that we were wrong! She passed on a HUGE infestation to us. (Yes, I am very bitter right now because she knew that her things had bugs in them, yet did not care to warn us and still had us take this stuff. She won't return our calls or anything. I am very upset considering I was 38 weeks pregnant and now have a newborn and 2 other kids under the age of four with no help.)

    We have a house next to us that is vacant where I would put things since our attic isn't finished and the basement is too damp. We had taken the furniture, bedding, and other decor items and stored the rest next door for his sister to come get, but she never showed. I went over there a few weeks back and seen a bug on the front of the mattress. Took a picture and yes, it was a bed bug. It took about two weeks for us to start getting bit. Well , we were in the car and I see a bug on my daughter. I had inspected the seats and didn't seeanything (just like I did the couches, but they are also the same color as the bugs- Brown and black so they can hide well). Anyways, one day I feel something fall on me and I look up and they are everywhere?! It had happened just from us moving my mother in law's boxes in my car?! I'm saying it was horrible! I had left a bag of hanger that she had given us on my back porch (on top of our old stove we were getting rid of) and I went to pick it up and they scattered into the stove?! Even our stroller was infested from either thestuff she had given us since I would set the stuff I didn't want next to where our stroller was or from taking the kid's things from the car and putting them in the stroller.

    We have been carefully staying at a hotel until we can get this under control. I have dusted the car with diatomaceous earth and vacuumed several times. I also have it all over the house right now and am trying to throw everything out that we don't need. I really don't know what to do with such a large infestation. How didn't I know immediately?! We all would sleep in the living room since it has been so hot where we live (we only have two window air conditionings so we would keep the downstairs cool. My husband did sleep in his room for a few weeks and then decided to also sleep downstairs until it cooled off. My problem is that the infestation is spread throughout our entire house because of me taking her things and storing them different places. Also, since our dryer is broke, I would wash clothes at the laundromat and place them in the car and take them home (I always did dry them twice when doing clothes at the laundromat since I know people can get bed bugs there). I am also terrified that I gave them to my elderly grandmother who isn't in good shape. How can I not cross contaminate things since I have to take my clothes to the laundromat when the clothes are heavily infested? I'm afraid of them crawling out of the bags back into the car and vice versa. Also, should I throw out the infested furniture that I have? I don't know how to really inspect it since I can't really see into the hard to reach areas. There are zippers on the cushions though. Should I open them up to see fecal matter, etc? I did dust them pretty well. Is there a certain type of spray I should buy for them. I know that the DE dust can go into cracks and crevices. When should infested furniture be thrown out? I assume if one bag (the bag of hangers) was so infested that I had seen them running out, and the car being SO EXTREMELY infested just from making several trips from point A to point B (only across town and I did not leave the boxes and stuff in there) that the furniture is also very severely infested? I don't know what to do since I have no family to help with the kids (and that's all that I wanted to ask my MIL to help with, while I took care of this problem) and we can't live in a hotel.. but I also don't want them eaten alive. My husband also won't research things and get his butt in gear to help me tackle this horrible problem. I can't help but to be bitter since I know that his mother knew, yet didn't care because she gets her bed bugs exterminated for free. She always talked about it nonchalantly. As if it were no big deal. Then, after I had gotten worried about getting them from her (years ago), she quit telling us when they would have them bad (and when I say BAD, I mean crawling up the walls bad). Can anyone give me any pointers please? I would be forever grateful! I also would sleep on an air mattress on the floor in the living room that is carpeted. How can I get them out of there? Should I return to our bed upstairs where I can put interceptors? I have such a horrible bug phobia so this has been my worst nightmare.

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