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    What do I need to know before I use the forums?

    Please read the Terms and Conditions, Forum Rules and Privacy Policy. Professionals (those who produce or sell products or services) should read all those and they also need to read the "Warning to professionals!" If you use the site, you're agreeing to these conditions. Please also read the site's Disclosure Policy.

    Please look at the FAQs about bed bugs most recommended by Forum readers before posting a question. You can also view the full Bedbugger FAQs here.

    Creating and using your account

    You need to register to post in the forums. Unless you are a bed bug professional who wishes to use their real name, please use a pseudonym for your username. You cannot change your username later, though Nobugs (admin) may be able to.

    Please do NOT post email addresses, street addresses, phone numbers or other personally-identifying information on the forums. This is for your protection. Avoid posting information in discussions which you think may identify you to neighbors, co-workers, landlords, if this is a concern. If you make a mistake, stop using your account and email admin immediately via the contact form. Please don't continue posting using an account which exposes identifying information once you realize the mistake.

    Warning: the site uses Gravatar images. If you have an email address registered with Gravatar, your image will display next to your username here. If you do not want this image to show, you can either disable the photo on your Gravatar account, or you can use an email address to register here which is not associated with a Gravatar account.

    Please also read the Terms and Conditions of Use and Forum Rules before you post!

    Click the word "Register" in the sidebar, or click here to register.
    Then, once you register, use the login form in the right sidebar under the bed bug cartoon to log in.

    A final note: if you create an account but never post to the forums or comment on the blog while logged in to your account, your account may be deleted in future. If you want to avoid this, please post an introductory message.

    How do I change my password?

    You may want to change your password to something easier for you to remember. If you think someone else knows your password or if I have manually reset your password, please do change it so only you know what it is.

    Remember to use strong passwords (containing one or more each of capital letters and lower-case letters, symbols, and numbers) in order to keep your account secure. The instructions for changing the password are here.

    How do I post a message? How do I start a new discussion thread?

    To start a new thread, click "Add new" on the top of the main forums page, or click here.

    How do I post a photo? What are the best tips for getting a clear image?

    How do I post a bug photo for identification? How do I get a clear photo or scanned image?

    How do I embed a flickr photo?

    [+] Embed the videoGet the Video Plugins

    Can I test my posting, photo embedding, and other skills before I post "for real"?

    Sure! Go to the test thread in the green stickies.

    Related questions:
    What are the forum rules?
    What are the terms and conditions of site use?
    How do I keep track of forum threads/get alerted to updates?

    What are tags and how/why should I use them?

    How do I choose a forum category?
    How do I use the "quote" function?
    How do I link directly to a single post?
    How do I include an embedded video from youtube? (Hint: you don't use the embed code.)
    What is the picture next to someone's post? How do I get one?
    How do I add a "signature" to my post?

    Reporting problematic posts:

    I see a post where someone is talking about harming themselves / violating forum rules / spamming the site / etc. What do I do?

    Private Messages

    How do I send someone a private message (PM)/ check my PMs? Also make sure you read this important post which explains how the PM system works.


    Help, after I hit "send," my post disappeared and I got the message "topic not found"! Where did my post go? What should I do?

    Posts are cut off.

    Private messages: they are cut off. Or I can't open a new PM to read it.

    What is the picture next to someone's post? How do I make mine go away?

    Who are the bed bug professionals and entomologists on the forum?
    Read about them or add yourself here.

    Who are the regular (non-bed bug pro) users on the forum?
    Read about them or add yourself here.

    Warning: before you hire a pest pro, make sure you find out if they are licensed (here's how).

    Suggestions for improving the site?
    Please share them here.

    Questions? Want to get in touch?

    If you have problems, comments, complaints or warm fuzzies for me, please click here to send me an email via the contact form.

    Questions specifically about this post are also welcomed below (just hit "reply").
    Thanks for reading this!

    Post updated 8/2014

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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