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How to use TAGS!

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  1. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 12 years ago
    Thu Jul 12 2007 18:40:03

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    I think everyone should give some thought to the tags you add to your posts. Why? Because they will help others find and contribute to your conversations later.

    Tags should be simple. The following are simple tags:

    You can add several different tags, separated by commas, in the tag box, when writing your post. Add tags until all relevant words are included as separate tags. You can also add others later in the box above the thread.

    Think of tags as categories. Tags others will use will be common. Common tags end up in the "hot tags" list, because they are used most often. Therefore you want to use the most common tags that are relevant.

    Obscure tags will never make it into the hot tags list, because others are unlikely to use them.

    Common mistakes:
    Entering several words at once in the box, like this:

    When to expose clothing

    ...will yield ONE long tag

    On the other hand, entering
    clothing, laundry, unpacking bags

    ...will create three tags (clothing, laundry, and unpacking bags) people might search for later.

    Another common mistake is entering only one version of a word ("freezing" but not "cold") because you have a better shot, with synonyms, of using the same word others used for the topic.

    To give you an idea of common tags, the following are the hot tags right now:

    advice bagging bed bedbug bed bugs bedbugs Bedlam bite bites Boston bug bugs cleaning clothes clothing DDT DE experiments FAQs Forums freezing heat help hotel hotels identification infestation landlord mattress mattresses meta moving news NYC pco PCOs Pesticide pesticides research scabies skin spread travel treatment vikane

    Try to use simple tags and especially try to use the same one you see in the hot tags. And use synonyms, too: tag something as: freezing, ice, and cold, and you have a shot that your words will overlap with others.

    Tagging helps other people find the thread later, and it helps you attract readers now. So tag away!

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."
  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 11 years ago
    Thu Sep 4 2008 15:51:59

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    Tags are tricky but really important.

    If everyone tags their posts when they post, using single words or phrases (ohio, k9, DE, bed bug dogs, Phantom), separated by commas, then it will be easier for others to find and help you.

    On the other hand, putting all your words in the "tag" box with no commas, or using uncommon phrases or sentences (how do i rid my home of bed bugs, help me now i need help) will not work. Good substitutes for the above statements in tag form would be (bed bug treatment, treatment, help, stress).

    Thanks for tagging wisely!

    (Just a public service announcement from

  3. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 10 years ago
    Sun Mar 29 2009 0:03:50

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    There is much confusion about tagging.
    Tags serve the purpose of telling others where to find information on a topic.

    Pest Business People: Please do not tag posts with your username or the name of your pest control firm or other business, unless the thread is about your firm or business.

    If you have left such inappropriate tags, I suggest you find and delete them (by searching threads with the tag) before I notice they are there.

    Your presence as a participant in the thread does NOT make the thread about YOU.
    If you are mentioned in a thread, then your username or company name can be tagged there.

    As an example, if a thread is about "NYC PCO Recommendations" then PCOS should not add their names as tags there.

    The only company names which should be tagged there are PCOs mentioned by forum users in the discussion.

    I have spent a good chunk of time tonight removing inappropriate tags left by one member two members of the forum, on threads that did not mention this party. these parties.

    Normally, I encourage Bedbuggers to tag more, not less. Appropriate tagging is helpful for all and makes the search function work better.

    The tags help us find legitimate information.

    They are NOT meant as a promotional tool to raise your profile in the forums.

    Inappropriate tagging messes with the search function.

    ABUSE of the tag feature in this manner may mean your tag is deleted, or you may be banned from tagging in future.

    Finally, if you see tags which seem inappropriate, please do NOT delete them. Copy the exact tag, and PM or email me, so I can investigate.

  4. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Mon Jun 27 2011 16:08:49

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    This thread is linked from the FAQs about the Forums green sticky, but I thought it was worth reviving. Most people aren't tagging properly. Doing so can help you and those who come later.

    The purpose of tags is to choose words or phrases others might use to describe the topic(s) in the post or thread. Clicking on a tag should yield other discussions with the same tags.

    Think of adding single words or phrases which mean something in and of themselves:
    NYC PCOs

    Do not use sentences or thoughts like:
    Help me what do I do now, or
    What do I do after my second treatment?
    (no one else will use those exact same tags, so they do not serve any purpose)

    Do put a comma between words or phrases you want to tag:
    K9s, NYC PCOs, phantom, bed bug treatment
    (that enters each individual word or phrase as a separate, useful tag)

    K9s NYC PCOs phantom bed bug treatment
    (that makes one long tag no one else is ever likely to use)

    I often add to tags or delete and replace with ones which have become standard, so they will be more useful. For example, threads about local PCOs should be tagged with the name of the city followed by PCOs: Cincinnati PCOs, Cincinnati, Ohio PCOs (always plural) would all be appropriate tags for someone looking for suggestions in that city.

    Let me know if you have questions.
    Thanks for helping make the forums work better!

  5. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Mon Aug 22 2011 21:16:14

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    Please read!

  6. Lanie

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Sat Dec 1 2012 17:25:18

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    Good to know! Thanks.

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