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How to monitor couch and chairs?

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  1. Rosie024

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    Posted 11 months ago
    Mon Sep 24 2018 13:03:09

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    I was thinking of getting the packtite passive monitors for beds, but can they be used for couches or upholstered chairs? If not how do you monitor them for activity? I have climb up traps but I figure if they are there they won’t be climbing down.

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 11 months ago
    Mon Sep 24 2018 13:10:02

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    I use them on couches and recliners. Different pieces of furniture have different sweet spots. On a recliner the flap on the back that covers the frame is a favorable location, and the flap of fabric on the front of the couch closest to where you sit or where your head would rest when laying on the couch.

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