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How to keep your sanity...things that work

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  1. 2hawaii

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Thu Jun 14 2012 2:01:14

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    Hi, I'm a newbie to BB problems. This is meant to try to help those people who are at their wits end and ready to pull out their hair (or worse) me...there are inexpensive ways to help you keep your sanity.

    Sorry this is a rather long post, but I really didn't see any way to make it shorter and still be informative.

    BTW I'm still not sure I have BB, as I only have seen 1/2 the typical symptoms (bites), but I've read so many posts that say the poster never saw BB, but kept being bit, so I'm proceeding as if I do have them(I keep telling myself I'm just doing a very through spring cleaning).

    I'm washing all washables on hot in my washer with soap and double rinsing with vinegar (all bedding, curtains, and clothing)

    As I said, I just keep telling myself that it's a good time to spring clean and I'm just doing all the washing at one time.I figure that's the only way to not really loose it(my calm and sanity). When I start to get shook up, I just keep repeating to my self over and over....I am in control! All those years I spent in my college experimental psychology classes are now really paying off knowing how well the power of positive thinking works.Yes, it does help a great deal to feel in control.

    When positive thinking is not working as well as I would like it to and I'm really stressed out, then I take 1 or 2 Kava Kava capsules (from the health food store). It calms me down, with in 15 min. so that I can think clearer and function very well.

    *This product works according to your weight. I only weigh 115 lbs, so 2 in 6-7 hrs is the max. for me. You might need do be sure to read all the information and instructions.

    If I'm really depressed rather than stressed out, about this or anything, I take a GABA tablet that will help me feel more positive. This too works within 15-30 min and it's typically available at health food stores. It works great to help keep myself in a positive frame of mind.

    BTW I'm one of those people who take 1/2 an Excedrin and my pupils really dilate (meaning...I'm very sensitive to any drugs & food but I can take these without any problems and feel much better within 15 - 30 min. of taking 1.

    Disclaimer....I'm not a Dr. I have taken the following(see below) and they have really helped me deal with this miserable problem BTW....both of these are inexpensive and readily available from a health food store. Also, many drug stores carry them .

    If you do decide to try these, be sure to read up on them (there is lots written about them on the internet) so you know exactly what they are and what they do.

    Also, note, typically you will not feel a great change, but if you think back just 15 - 30 min. ago, you will see how much better you feel and how much easier you think thru what you need to do.There are a number of co.s who make both products., so you shouldn't have any problem finding them.

    I really hope that helps some people who have felt at their wits end.

    From reading about BB (bed bugs) these last few days I've found 1 more thing that has really helped me. For the itches (yes I too have bites) Vaseline /or any brand of petroleum jelly works great to stop the itches. It does take a few min. to work.

    Also, to get the buggers to stop biting me, I take a garlic tablet ( 1 Nature Made Garlic tablet, 1250 mg, every 8 hours). They (bedbugs, like mosquitoes) don't like the taste of garlic. I've been doing this for years to stop mosquito bites and it really does work. Hope that helps.

  2. cilecto

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Thu Jun 14 2012 9:23:09

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    Hi, 2Hawaii:

    I try and emphasize to people that they should take care of themselves when they're in crisis. What "works" will vary by individual, I'm glad you've found your way.

    Washing all fabrics is not universally agreed to by experts as necessary, especially in low level infestations (or in the case where there is none). In any case, no special treatment is needed in laundry. Detergent is effective at killing bed bugs somewhat. The mechanical action of the washer will expel some bed bugs. The truly effective action is from the heat of the dryer. In fact, if needed, already clean clothes can skip the washer and just spend a half hour in the dryer.

    Your duplicate posts had some tags that indicated that you are in distress. Here's an important message from our host (Nobugsonme):

    Sometimes people tell us they are feeling suicidal because of bed bugs. We are not equipped or trained to offer counseling here.

    If you are feeling suicidal or thinking of harming yourself, now or in the future, please tell a professional and get help immediately.
    Call your doctor (or therapist, if you have one).
    Or go to an emergency room.
    Please do not ignore it or try to deal with it on your own.

    You can also call a hotline. In the US, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK.

    Anyone (worldwide) can email or phone the Samaritans. They have branches in various countries and are highly regarded and can help you by giving you a space to talk. They can also help direct you to local resources.

    Suicide: Read this First may also help.

    In addition to depression and suicidal feelings, a number of people have suffered from anxiety due to bed bugs.

    In this case also, please seek a professional counselor's input. We have heard from a number of Bedbuggers that speaking to a professional can really help. If you are on a limited budget, your doctor should be able to help direct you to resources with no fee or a sliding scale.

    We understand the stress and hardship this problem can cause, but if you have bed bugs, you can get through it and you will enjoy life again.

    Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night...
    - Psalms 91:5-7

    (Not an pro)
  3. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Thu Jun 14 2012 16:10:54

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    Note to others: Please consult a health professional before taking supplements.

    2hawaii, I agree with everything that Cilecto said and just want to add that I haven't heard any confirmation that garlic keeps bed bugs from biting. However, I am glad you've found some relief.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."
  4. 2hawaii

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Fri Jun 15 2012 2:57:21

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    Hi cilecto, thanks for all of the information you posted. No, I'm not in distress, but I've read a number of posts where others are, thus my post in an effort to give them some ideas of ways they can help themselves. Since my education and background is in helping people who are under stress and suffer with depression is why I feel qualified to offer some suggestions. A number of people will not reach out for help, but often will apply what they've seen or read if they feel even just a bit confident that it will help.
    Nobugsonmem thanks for your post. Yes, I totally agree, people should consult a health professional when attempting to deal with medical problems, although many will not. I feel that if they know there are some things that can help them, then there is hope and they are more likely to seek further information and help.

  5. brooklyn_bites

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Fri Jun 15 2012 7:26:31

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    If you are only experiencing bites and have not found any other signs of bb's, you may want to consider other causes as well. Most indoor pests require similar prep (washing all clothing, thorough cleaning). I would not skip the washer until you are sure what it is you are dealing with, as some pests are killed and eradicated more easily when the washer is included.

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