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How to ID and prevent bedbugs in an office setting? Expert help appreciated.

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    Thu Aug 27 2015 10:33:51

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    I work in a mental health counseling facility in an area that is really struggling with bedbugs... it seems like all of our clients have them. What do you look for in an office setting to know if you have bedbugs in your office? Where to look, most specifically. How likely is it that I can bring them home? I keep my bag/coat hung up. I guess mostly I am wondering about where to look for them and how to monitor. I was thinking about getting a BB alert for my office, but not sure where to put it.
    Is there anyway to prevent bedbugs from wandering off of a client and into my office? My company bought us new, hard plastic chairs (we previously had upholstered ones) with metal legs... will that even make a difference?
    When I get home from work I toss my clothes in the dryer for 30 minutes just in case. However, I have to drive in my car for 20 minutes to get home... what is the likelihood they could be in your car?

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