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How to ensure compliance in condo?

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  1. squeaksfriend

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Tue Jul 16 2013 23:26:37

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    I discovered a bed bug problem a couple of weeks ago in my condo. I contacted a reputable pest control company and started the process of dealing with it by getting an inspection. I also contacted the president of the strata council to make sure that she was aware of it. After the inspection, which indicated a light infestation, we decided to have a K9 team in to find out if other units were involved. My neighbor, who didn't want the inspection but I bulldozed him into in, was found to have a number of live and dead bugs as well as droppings. Unfortunately he does not appear to be interested in having treatments.(He told me that if he was infested he planned to spray Raid to deal with it.) I'm told that he also was very reluctant to to comply fully 3 years ago when he introduced them into the building from a holiday.
    My unit's first treatment was today but unless my neighbor cooperates, I know that the problem will not go away and will get worse.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on the best ways to convince/force a unit owner to fully comply with the procedures necessary to make the building bed bug free? I am on council and we have a meeting scheduled to discuss this next week and I want to make sure that we find a solution.

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Wed Jul 17 2013 2:45:59

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    There are some articles and resources linked from this Bedbugger blog post which may help. While they come from specific cities (NYC, Chicago), much of what is said will apply anywhere.

    You may also find useful suggestions in other blog posts categorized "condos and coops", and past forum posts tagged "condos and coops". I do recall some of those forum posts including site users who had to have similar conversations with their boards, though you'll have to dig through them it's likely to yield more feedback on people's experiences than whoever happens to post a response this particular week.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."
  3. Emm

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Wed Jul 17 2013 9:10:18

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    If possible, I would recommend seeing if your condo associations bylaws and rules/ regulations can be amended to require treatment so this doesn't occur in the future. My building had an issue in the past with a bedbug infested condo that caused neighboring units all sorts of trouble, and amended the rules to say:

    "Failure to remedy all necessary contributing factors to a pest control problem within a reasonable period of time; or the pest control problem itself when it falls outside of --condo management company's-- responsibility, will result in --condo management company and board of directors-- taking all necessary actions, at cost and risk by owner, to abate violations and resolve problems."

    The bylaws also state DIY pest control is not allowed, and unit owners/tenants must grant pest control access. This was very helpful in my case—although I had to pay for my own treatment, they at least made sure the pest control company I hired could access and inspect neighboring units. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee your neighbor gets treated by a reputable company, but it at least makes it within their best interest financially to resolve the problem since the building will otherwise treat the unit and charge the owner (which tends to be much more expensive).

    This probably won’t help you now, but if you plan to live in your condo long term, it may be worth trying to amend those rules so this doesn't occur in the future.

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