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How to air out items after DDVP in apartment

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  1. outdoorSeb

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Sat Dec 9 2017 11:13:39

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    Hey all,

    I used Hot Shot strips (cut into small pieces) to fumigate a 4 sealed contractor bags with potentially infested items in them. I've had the strip pieces in there for about 3 weeks. They've been in a tape-sealed closet outside my bedroom.

    My question now is if you guys had any advice as to how/where to air out the items once I open the bags. A little bit about my situation:

    - I live in an apartment with a rooftop deck and a storage room.
    - I don't have a balcony.
    - It's snowing right now, so airing out on the rooftop will be hard (plus wouldn't I have to sit out there for like 24 hours?)
    - I have a fan

    I've considered putting it in the building's storage room, but don't want to hurt anyone that spends time in there. Would this even be a good place to air things out?

    Any ideas? One of my biggest questions is how long I'd have to wait for the items to get aired out, happy to sit out there for a few hours but not 24.

    P.S. Almost all of the items are not something that would be on my person. Things include: an Xbox, ipad, leather boots, miscenalleous trinkets, backpack

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