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How successful are Vikane moves?

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  1. Scaredykate

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Sat Aug 25 2018 14:14:29

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    Okay so I am moving to s different city in December. I was cleared of a bedbug problem by a PCO a few days ago but I am not convinced. When I move I’m throwing out anything that cannot fit into my car, loading my car with just my more irreplaceable possessions, and getting it Vikaned. My questions are:

    1) how high is the risk that I will move bedbugs with me to my new place?
    2) how can I protect myself for future infestations without being a total psycho?
    3) what should I do about clothes and shoes to wear while my car is getting treated?
    4) can I bring my phone with me while my car is getting treated or is that too risky?


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