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How sneaky are these guys? A Bed Bug Puzzle

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  1. nobugsplease123

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    Posted 4 months ago
    Thu Jul 12 2018 10:53:40

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    What are the odds that there are bed bugs in my closet (or somewhere in my 500 sq ft apartment) but that they just haven't found their way to my bed at night yet?

    Here's why I ask:

    I have a mattress protector (there was a bed bug scare in my apartment building in Feb/March 2017 and I got it as a precaution, even though we never found signs of any). This morning when I took my sheets off, I noticed there were two undecipherable but feel-able black-ish dots on my mattress inside the mattress protector. They're the same size, both about the size of an apple seed.

    This leads me to think that I had bed bugs after all and that those two seeds are dead guys. I don't want to open the mattress protector to confirm, just in case there are still any live ones inside.

    Around Nov/Dec 2017, I opened the mattress protector (not thinking anything of it at the time) to add a memory foam mattress topper inside. It wasn't comfortable so I took it out around Feb/March 2018 and have just been storing it in my closet since.

    Now that I've found these potential dead bugs, what are the odds that there were live bed bugs on the mattress topper that I've been storing in my closet (which is right in front of my bed), and that I've now set them loose in my apartment, but that they just haven't found me yet?

    I have no bite marks and am fairly sure that I react to them because I had what looked like bed bug bites earlier this year after travelling.

    I've also found no signs of them otherwise.

    Is this something I need to worry about? Do I need to have all my things inspected?

    I feel like they would have found me by now if they were around, given that I took the memory foam out four months ago and that my mattress just sits on the floor. What do you guys think?

  2. BigDummy

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    Posted 4 months ago
    Thu Jul 12 2018 11:49:39

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