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how long do i have to wait until i can move out post treatment?

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    Wed Sep 28 2016 9:38:53

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    so my upstairs neighbour got bed bugs, she had only her unit done with out talking to the landlord and predictably they spread to my unit. When the landlord sorted it out and got to the whole house (after some insistence on my part) the PCO described what he found as 'only stranglers with no nesting' and that they caught it 'very early'.

    I was going to give my 60 day notice on Friday. Do i need to wait now to see if this treatment was successful? I am basically only staying there a couple days a week right now. Anything that is laundered is being removed completely and stored in ziplocs. I still don't feel ok about my duvet even though it was put in the dryer, dry on high for an hour so it's living in the car in limbo.

    They came and cleared the bed and couch, I have laundered all my linens, pillows, dog toys, thrown away the dog bed, washed some clothes. I am going to continue to wash clothes as i pack them since my room was quite small and my bed was close to both my dresser and closet, but i have a sewing machine that is stored in a desk cupboard near the floor and a lot of wood furniture. Is this going to be safe to move in 60 days??

    The only bites i feel like i received were on the couch but i did find some bugs in my under the bed storage bins. Any advice on how to clean my half stuffed half wood ornamental santa clause would be appreciated. I don't think that a packlite is an option for me unless someone knows a place in toronto that rents them. I do think I could buy a steamer but i'm not sure the residential ones (212F in tank) are sufficient?? I realize i can't steam anything inside because of the treatment so it will have to be done outside.

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