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How long am I living out of the bags? Cofused how this works

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  1. Lorance

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Thu Apr 4 2013 19:39:43

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    I have a PCO coming to treat the house on Monday and am preparing to get all the clothes washed and put into plastic bags. The literature provided by the PCO is kind of unclear as to whether the clothing just has to stay in the bags for the first treatment or if the clothing should stay in the bags until after the second treatment in two weeks.

    If it stays, Do I change clothes in the bathroom only and make sure to go through a "decontamination regime" each time I enter the clothing room?

    Also, I am following every single item on the list 100% and have been asking many extra clarification questions of the PCO. I'm sure he's tired of it! Does anyone have any extra tidbits of information that will help ensure success?

  2. Emm

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Fri Apr 5 2013 9:28:34

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    Ask your PCO when they arrive. Depending on their treatment and experience it will be different. I was told to unpack non-clothing items after the first treatment so bugs could get out and encounter the pesticide, and unpack my clothing after the third treatment as long as no bugs were found during that spraying (none were). I was not told to do a decontamination routine, but they did make it clear clothing that was worn cannot be put back into a sealed bag before it's been re-washed and dried (which should be obvious).

    I was a bit conservative though. I'm now 3 weeks past my third treatment and 4 weeks since my last bug sighting and I'm planning to begin unpacking just my daily-wear stuff into the closet this weekend. The rest of my clothing I'll leave in bags a few more weeks. I figure if a bug pops back up it'll only be 3-4 wash/dry loads this way versus the 10-15 that all of my clothing required when I first found the bugs.

    It's a pain living out of bags, but if you develop a system it makes life much easier. For example, I have my bags labeled and split into 3 groups. 1 group is pjs, underwear, and socks (all separate bags), the other is casual-wear (split into bags for pants/skirts, t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, and sweaters) and another group for work stuff (split into bags for the same groups as casual wear). Because of my cats I had to use hampers hung in a closet (my cats loveee tearing up bags on the floor), which has also made life a little easier since they don’t take up floor space. I also hear people using XL ziplock bags which seems like a good option since they're see through.

  3. theyareoutthere

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Fri Apr 5 2013 10:54:41

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    I use large and xl ziplocs ordered through Amazon. Packtite and reuse.

    I haven't had treatment but I get the large ziplocs and hang on plastc hangers. I do this on my coat closet for gloves, scarfs etc

    Rather than a hamper I sort my dirty clothes into three xl ziplocs and always keep my coat in one. I packtite the shoes, purse etc.

    I use public transit and do some high risk charity work so I had a scare and now decontaminate when I come home.

    = TAOT

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