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How long a wait until you know you're safe post exposure?

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  1. Maddy1

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Tue Nov 15 2011 18:10:55

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    Hello all;

    I posted the first time last week, I have another question I was hoping you guys could help me with because I'm killing myself with anxiety.

    -what happened-
    We suspect a cable guy dropped a bedbug(s?) in my apartment on Tuesday when he came to pick up some equipment. My husband found it on the stairwell wall leading to my front door (we're 2nd floor), well away from everything, two evenings later. It was in plain site, right where cable guy's gear sat on the floor. It didn't move very much as we caught it, and was thin. The one we found was male. I'm quite sure I didn't have bbs in my apartment before this- unfortunately I suffer from a fairly severe phobia of parasites that causes me to keep some neurotic habits including obsessively checking for bbs. I was always paranoid about the cable guys tracking stuff in and everyone told me I was NUTS. Landlord claims there are no cases of BB in the complex, as well.

    It has been one week since cable guy's visit, my husband and I have not received visible bites -or- teeny, red non reactive puncture spots as of yet (do tiny bite spots always show even if you aren't reacting to the bites?). No blood specks on sheets. My bed, box frame, and frame, outlets, switch plates, baseboards etc are spotless. I wake up multiple times a night, and I see nothing in the bed, skittering on the walls etc. I've done most of the DIY stuff so far, I haven't seen any further evidence and I am so incredibly sick with anxiety of not knowing when I'll be in the clear. My landlord refuses to send someone just to just check if I have no evidence of more (not that I want to find any!)

    -my question-
    How long until I know? If we're not bit, are checking for evidence in every insignificant cranny and see nothing, no bugs fall into my co2 trap, and there are no droppings or cast skins, when can I say with some confidence that I didn't contract an infestation and it was just one lonely hitchiker?

    Thanks you so much for reading this thing- I appreciate it the time you spent on it and any help you could give <3

  2. theyareoutthere

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Tue Nov 15 2011 21:18:33

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    I'm OCD about a lot of things...and I keep thinking that maybe I should just get a passive monitor for the bed and sofa.. would that help you feel better? I know the packtite helped me a bit with going to public places and I keep thinking I should get a passive or two.

    = TAOT
  3. VictoryIsMine

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Wed Nov 16 2011 2:11:24

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    When someone is free from a known infestation, the rule of thumb is 55-60 days, though I'm not sure why. Is it just an arbitrary number that sounds like ample enough time for a couple of egg hatchings, should there be any left?

    Back to topic, since you did find one, even though you aren't sure if he was a loner, I'd imagine the same 55-60 days rule would apply. Not that you should ever stop proactively monitoring after. That said, especially since you're not getting bitten (or at least, not reacting to bites), cherish and enjoy your sleep. If you do later find you have an infestation, you will need to be rested to fight it.

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