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how do i know if I brought bedbugs home form trip? Does Nightwatch work ?

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Tue Aug 3 2010 22:14:45

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    I'm hoping for any advise anyone has becaused I'm freaking out from reading all the info on bed bugs.....
    Here's my story. We recently (3 days ago) returned home to Canada from 10 days in Florida. I had heard of bed bugs but did not know too much about them. I took some precations while staying at the two hotels like keeping things off the floor and zipping bags (even put bags in garbage bags) but I I put clothes in drawers, didn't think they lived there ...Anyway, when we returned home late at night to be safe left the bags in the car. All the clothes we were wearing were put in a bag and tied but not sealed in the laundryroom. Examined everyone. No marks at all on kids but some (maybe 10)small red dots not raised on husbands legs. Just red , no prick in or white in centre and flat on skin. Decided to wash all clothes we could in hot water and put in hot dryer at a laundrymat. Anything that couldn't be washed in hot was put in a hot dryer for 30 minutes including travel bags and kids stuffed animals. Now I am paranoid that we may have brought them home. Question is how do I know ? For some piece of mind I'm wondering if we did enough. Can't be sure the bites are bed bugs but do not want to take a chance. Also, had car vacuumed and trunk steam cleaned and left in hot sun. Things I read on this site. Thank you... I'm wondering if having a pest control company come to check and set up a night watch would be effective or a waste of time at this point. Can the bugs live in our garage where we left some items? Any insight or advise would be greatly appreciated.

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