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How crazy do I need to get?

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  1. ParanoidInLA

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Tue Apr 21 2015 1:00:14

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    Hi all.
    So here is my story. Let me preface this by saying I have long been extremely paranoid about bedbugs and have a slight touch of OCD (and apologize for the length of this). I once fully treated my apartment for bedbugs even after a PCO incorrectly identified a spider mite as a bed bug, just on the off chance. It took several exhausting months out of my life. I even preemptively brought large zip-locks on this trip because I have a history of being scared of bed bugs.

    So, my roommate and I went on a 4-night nature road trip- hiking, beaching, etc,. At the first nights lodging there was a suspicious set of cottages in a "termite" tent (fumigated with Vikane the posting said) about 50 feet from our cottage. Okay. I had the heebie jeebies, but decided it was only one night. We were at this location for 9 hours total. Onto next location. We had gone hiking so of course there were bugs around, and in retrospect there was one occasion where I possibly squashed a nymph on my arm. Second night nothing of note. After the third night, in the morning, I opened the trunk to find a single bed bug hanging out on the inside of a bag which had some kitchen appliances inside!!!! It was most certainly an adult flat brown bed bug in broad daylight!!!! I have done enough research prior to this to know that much. Vacation OVER. These were the next steps:

    We put all unnecessary items (including my favorite old boots and a crockpot with retractable cord) in sealed bags to be thrown away, I marked BED BUGS!
    Laundered all washables in hot water and dried,
    Sealed my iPad and books in a bag which is sitting outside on porch.
    Vacuumed car, but impossible to reach all spaces....
    Purchased Diatomaceous earth and Ortho bed bug /flea killer (in purple can)-this was the best of what was available at the local hardware store
    put Diatomaceous earth under mat in trunk so not to breath in while driving
    sprayed the car from stern to stem with Ortho let sit overnight.
    Fourth night lodging, brought nothing into hotel except clean clothes, immediately bagged worn clothes and showered.
    Have since vacuumed the Diatomacious earth out at request of roommate.

    It has been two days since returning home and I am still feeling quite anxious, but my roommate feels all is fine. I have one definite "row" of bites and many areas of phantom itching, which may or may not reveal themselves to be bites soon. I am using my phone through a zip lock bag, but my roommate is feeling free and clear (of which I feel envious). I would like to have the car properly treated, i.e. purchase nuvan strips from amazon or have someone vikane the car, but my roommate thinks I am absolutely crazy. I feel each day passing is an opportunity for those bugs to come into the house via us via the car! Which would be disastrous.

    I realize one must do what makes you feel right at the end of the day, but I know my tendencies put me in a position to "over-do-it". I want to do the right thing and not spread this AWFUL predicament. Please advise.

    Is it possible to have only had ONE bed bug in the car? Can that ONE turn into an army?
    Did I take the right steps? Is it even possible to be overly cautious in this predicament?
    Am I nuts or is my roommate nuts?

    Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and Thank you in advance to any advice you can offer.

    Also, I am truly sorry for everyone who has to SUFFER at the feet of these little monsters!!!

  2. melo75

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Tue Apr 21 2015 2:12:28

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    listen, anything is possible, including the bug you saw not being a bed bug. i know you did extensive research and I believe you because I've done the same and heck you might be right about your ID, but what i've learned from my personal ordeal is overdoing in any way shape or form is NOT the answer, whether its googling things until you think death is inevitable, or buying up stuff from every "remedy" you see online. find a non obsessive avenue that works for you and take care of real life. i for example have been living out of plastic bags, as bed bug prevention and prevention from the countless other diseases the internet has led me to believe I have in the past few weeks, and I'm slowly abandoning it and putting clothes on shelves because this is no way to live a healthy life. someones goal in life being to eradicate bed bugs, mites or any of that bullshit is a path to destruction. i'm not saying let them thrive, but make real life your primary focus and everything else will take care of itself. its cliche but its true.

  3. paranoidaboutbugs

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Tue Apr 21 2015 2:45:08

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    I can't speak on account of determining on if you have bed bugs or not. If you still have the bug you think is a bed bug, take a photo and post it to the community to get it identified. You can also post pictures of fecal or skins as well for identification down the line. The experts will be able to help you with that.

    On account that you took precautions, that's a good thing. Set up some nice passives in your home (climb-ups and harborage-type). In the meantime, try to calm down. From another person who overdid it, the paranoia will try to get the best of you if you let it. Do the necessary things to make yourself feel better if you need to. However, do not take it overboard. The belongings you had on vacation, most of them you can treat with various means. The FAQ should help you with that if you read through it. In the event a bug did find it's way home with you, you know what to do. You got this under control.

    To answer your question, no, you are not nuts as far as wanting to be cautious. Just make sure to take care of your own health. Enjoy life! Go hiking, adventuring, or whatever it is that keeps your mind preoccupied. Do not obsess over the problem and make it worse, kay~? It will be okay.

    Last piece of advice, I too suffer from a small level of OCD, but what I did was I learned to make it into productive things like... my job and my crafts! I'm not saying you should throw yourself into your job, but rather try to channel the OCD energy you feel from the bed bugs into something useful like writing that book you always wanted to write, but never had the mood to do it or in my case, I threw myself into learning a new programming language.

    Let's get down the business... to defeat... the bugs. HWAH!
  4. ItsJustABug

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Tue Apr 21 2015 11:05:39

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    but what i've learned from my personal ordeal is overdoing in any way shape or form is NOT the answer, whether its googling things until you think death is inevitable, or buying up stuff from every "remedy" you see online. find a non obsessive avenue that works for you and take care of real life.

    Spoken like a true bedbugger that has seen the light of day & is going to be Ok!
    Good advice & mindset we all come to at some point.

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